Month: August 2016

Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends – Navals of War

Navals of War - Cover

#ButtWeek continues with Sept 1st freebie offer – Navals of War. Here are a few fun facts about this Tale.

  • This Tale was going to be the second Tale of the series, and was planned out, but it got pushed aside by different Tale ideas.
  • Navals of War is a first person shooter, and the main character in The Anders’ Quest Series (Anders, in case you couldn’t figure that out) was already mentioned to play them. In fact, it was mentioned in the very first chapter. It was also mentioned that he had video game playing friends that would not buy the MMORpg Annals of Gentalia. The story for this Tale was already set up before the Tales were even thought up.
  • Anders is shy about meeting new people in his book, he avoids them for some reason.It was on purpose (I’ll say now). There needed to be a reason. This Tale is that reason.
  • The characters in this Tale… are terrible people. The absolute worst. I needed to tone them down an impressive three times. They were just that terrible. I wanted them to be terribad, not terrible.
  • ~xX.Deadeye.Xx~ is a hard name to type!

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Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends – Assailant’s Greed

Assailants Greed - Cover

#ButtWeek continues with Assailant’s Greed which is free Aug 31st! Here are a few fun facts about this story!

  • Way before the Tales Series existed, like way way back before then, I noticed there was a call for short erotica stories at a publisher. I read that it was for Sword & Sorcery and got all exited and started right in on a story. This point is so interesting, it gets its own bullet list.
    • I thought that if I submitted a story to this publisher and it got accepted then I could submit my manuscript and have a better chance.
    • This was so far back that I wasn’t set on Self-Publishing yet, and still getting rejected again and again for being ‘Way too strange’.
    • I didn’t read the submission correctly. It wasn’t for sword and sorcery, it was sword & savagery. Magic wasn’t a thing allowed. The short story I had written had a major plot point involving magic, there was no way around it.
    • I turned magic into ‘Historically accurate clockwork falcons’ and went with it. It was silly, but I loved it.
    • This publisher got submitted to before the short story happened, I got excited. I followed up with the publisher and got chewed right the fuck out by the submission clerk. Like, right out. I hit a nerve somehow, still don’t know how, and they went bonkers. Super tear a strip off of someone for asking a simple question? That was this publisher. Eventually, the publisher (not the clerk) apologized profusely for the clerk, however – she still rejected me (big surprise there).
    • This experience soured me to that publisher, and to traditional publishing in general. It was a final nail. I decided to self publish that very night and never looked back.
    • Oh, were was I going with this? Right, this Tale. Well, that short story I was writing for them, it got forgotten about. Poor thing.
  • Then! The Tales happened. It dawned on me that I had a 6000 word story tucked away on my computer that was a lot like a Tale, it just needed text boxes and… a few special somethings to make it unique.
  • The special things were shifter sex and lady dick! Hooray! The forgotten story came back and saw the light of day!
  • Final fun fact: I still can’t spell Assaliant.

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Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends: Tango Gourmet

Tango Gourmet - Cover

Butt Week continues on strong, and so you can learn more about your Butt Week friends with our continued fun facts about the books on special.

Tango Gourmet will be free Aug 30th! Here are a few interesting things you might want to know about it!

  • Tango Gourmet has been called the strangest Tale by many, including myself!
  • The chocolate flavoured… uh… you know… was inspired by GoodReads. There was a ‘tired of cliques’ thread, and one complaint I noticed was ‘earthly chocolaty flavours’. I stepped it up with legitimate chocolate.
  • The type of game Tango Gourmet was set in was heavily influenced by the cameo character in this book: Mr. Max. Max is an expert at rhythm as well as an expert at cooking (in book 3 it is a plot point). I wanted to mix his passions and find a game that he would become obsessed with.
  • Of all the rhythm game ideas I could think up, cook-dancing was the most hilarious! This is why Tango Gourmet is about dancing.
  • This novelette features fictional bands that also appear in The Anders’ Quest series. This includes Caution Step, which will also make an appearance in a later not yet written tale.

Enjoy Tango Gourmet, get your copy here! On Amazon

Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends: Fallin

Fallin - CoverButt Week is getting closer and closer (August 28th – Sept 3rd) and today we continue out special interesting facts feature on the books you can find discounted or free during this week of cheek.

Fallin is the second Tale of Gentalia and it is probably a bit easier to tell which game this is a parody of when compared to some of the others. Here are a few fun facts about it!

  •  Fallin is the second Tale because… I thought it would be fun. There wasn’t any planning of this beforehand. It actually jumped into my mind and pushed aside the idea that would eventually become book 5 (for awhile no less)!
  • Rankin is based off of how I actually play games like this. I must collect all of the things. It doesn’t matter what they are. Triple points for unique items. I always choose a theme and decorate my dwelling accordingly.
  • Fallin features a cameo appearance by Caëlahenãilenŵhei, and she shares quite a few traits with the main character. Her persona in this game is actually one of the characters I have played myself (with a bit extra flair in the name). How geeky is that? A cameo character playing as a real character I myself have played? (7 at least!)
  • The book linker link for Fallin has have over three times the clicks of any other link for my books according to the stats. I don’t have any idea why, but dang do people like to click the link for this one!
  • The ‘final boss’ became what it was because of my Beta Reader’s group. Trust me, it is a lot better if you read it in the voice of the shopkeeper from that first city in who is writing that book in … the game this is totally not based on!
  • Fapples do not taste like apples.

Fallin will be free on August 29th! Grab your copy here on Amazon.

Getting to know your Butt Week friends – Vambrace

Vambrace - Cover

Butt Week is almost here (Aug 28th – Sept 3rd) and we are continuing our fun facts about your Butt Week friends today with Vambrace: Keaton Clarke’s Tale.

As a special bonus this time there are actually going to be some fun facts!

Vambrace is the first Tale in the Tales of Gentalia series for a reason – that it was written first! That isn’t the only reason though, there are more (shocking)!

Back before the Tales were started an author friend of mine (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, but you know who you are Christina) suggested that a few small stories about the characters in my main novel would help to draw people to the Anders’ Quest Series. It was a good idea, great even. I agreed, but twisted the idea instantly. Because I do that.

I decided that a fun idea would be to completely ignore the main cast and instead have them show up only as a cameo character. The reader would get little taste of them that gave their backstory by showing the games they played before Annals of Gentalia came out, and an entire new little story! It would also let me branch out into different games and ideas. The course was set.

The most obvious choice for a story was Vambrace. Why? Because, Vambrace already was fully written into a scene in Book 3 with Fournimer and the Arcade Unicorn! It was already mentioned that Fourni was one of the best Vambrace players around, and a master of speedruns for it. It was also already written that Palcath was terrible at it, and have played it in an effort to make Fourni try out the MMORPG Annals of Gentalia. That is half a story already!

All I needed to do was change was to add a name for the mythical player that Fournimer already thought was a jerk. This is why Keaton is an asshat. Seriously, blame previous writing that wasn’t intended to be anything more than a single throw-away joke.

Vambrace contains two cameo appearances, which thus far is a record. Both Fournimer and Palcath appear in Vambrace – and shows that they knew each other before playing Annals of Gentalia (which is sort of interesting, don’t you think).

Vambrace will be free Aug 28th. Grab your copy on Amazon!


Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends – The Anders’ Quest Series

Butt Week (Check this Butt Link) is just around the corner! August 28th – September 3rd.

I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick run down in the following days of some of the things you can pick up during the bootiest week of the year!

Breakers of the Code and Fighters of the Code  are both going to be on Kindle Countdown UK and US deal for the entire Butt Week!

Tornado Tech’s most successful video game to date. It became a smash hit overnight with player’s the world over. But not all is as it seems, and there is a secret hidden deep within the games code. (The secret is sex stuff!)

Join Anders and his friends as… butt stuff happens! 😀

Pokémon Go – The Latest Scandal

It is no secret that Niantic’s Pokémon Go is a smash hit with gamers. Unfortunately, with success comes unscrupulous folk that try to take advantage of those that become famous. We have all seen the knock off Disney and Asylum movies in the bargain bin, the games that are simple clones of Candy Crush Saga, and the terribleness that is Every Porn Movie Parody ever.

Now something just as terrible is happening to Pokémon Go.

What is the latest scam being pulled against Pokémon Go you ask? Well, we have your answer right here! Certain websites (we will not name any names), have been abusing the phenomenon by writing just a single article about Pokémon Go and putting it up on their websites in order to draw traffic from fans searching for the term Pokémon Go!

This tactic is similar to the Walking Dead fiasco that happened just last time, as well as the Game of Thrones scam that is happening right now. They even resort to using Bold Text in colours to draw the eye, and using multiple references in one post to land in even more victims!

Scandalous and shameful. We hope these sites are stopped as soon as possible. It sickens us so badly we need to use italics.

Your faithful reporters – Gaz from Invader Zim, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, and Star Wars Reference.