Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends: Fallin

Fallin - CoverButt Week is getting closer and closer (August 28th – Sept 3rd) and today we continue out special interesting facts feature on the books you can find discounted or free during this week of cheek.

Fallin is the second Tale of Gentalia and it is probably a bit easier to tell which game this is a parody of when compared to some of the others. Here are a few fun facts about it!

  •  Fallin is the second Tale because… I thought it would be fun. There wasn’t any planning of this beforehand. It actually jumped into my mind and pushed aside the idea that would eventually become book 5 (for awhile no less)!
  • Rankin is based off of how I actually play games like this. I must collect all of the things. It doesn’t matter what they are. Triple points for unique items. I always choose a theme and decorate my dwelling accordingly.
  • Fallin features a cameo appearance by Caëlahenãilenŵhei, and she shares quite a few traits with the main character. Her persona in this game is actually one of the characters I have played myself (with a bit extra flair in the name). How geeky is that? A cameo character playing as a real character I myself have played? (7 at least!)
  • The book linker link for Fallin has have over three times the clicks of any other link for my books according to the stats. I don’t have any idea why, but dang do people like to click the link for this one!
  • The ‘final boss’ became what it was because of my Beta Reader’s group. Trust me, it is a lot better if you read it in the voice of the shopkeeper from that first city in who is writing that book in … the game this is totally not based on!
  • Fapples do not taste like apples.

Fallin will be free on August 29th! Grab your copy here on Amazon.

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