The Cover Chronicles

The e-Book Cover Design Awards over at have been something I had followed for some time. They provided much insight when I was designing my cover, and are just a great resource for anyone thinking of making their own covers.

This month, someone may have ended up in the submissions. I was happy to get a positive comment even. Check them out!

Cover Critics – Stage 2

My cover just appeared on for round two of the changes and comments Exciting I know! Here it is for reference. Certainly more threatening, but is it too much? Comments always appreciated! I promised that as soon as this showed up on Cover Critics I would upload chapter 3 for people to enjoy! Stay tuned!

Also, here is a bonus slap of Back Cover!

The Back Cover!

The Back Cover!

Thanks to

I shared my cover over at Cover Critics, which is a site I often go to to help others with cover designs.

I was a bit nervous, but everyone was so friendly and helpful (even those who really didn’t want to read about Elfbutt)!

Now my cover is getting an overhaul to set it to 11! I will keep everyone up to date! Check back soon for a revised Elfbooty!

Go and check Cover Critics out, they are a great resource for authors or designers making book covers!

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