Butt Week 2019! Aug 25 – 31

Summer is starting to wind down. The BBQs are having their last parties of the year, and the beach honestly needs a break from you. You know what that means? Why, Butt Week of course! The best week of the year to score some lovely butt related books!

So if you like Butt, you are at the correct place! There are a bunch of deals and they will change all week, so be sure to check back and see what has… sprung up to please your favourite thing around – butts!

… So yeah, no more beating around the bush, it is time to dive head into some hot butt… er… books! Some hot butt books.

Friday Aug 27th!

The Game of the Year Edition of Tales of Gentalia is free today!

Game of the year

Yep! That one. The one with all of the Tales of Gentalia, even that bonus one that no one knows about! The one with bunches of naughty pictures drawn by yours truly! The one that … Amazon didn’t allow most of the pictures of to be there. But yeah, all of the art is on my site.

You can grab the book here!

And the pictures for the book are here!

Okay, that was all my self promotion for today – until the end of other author’s works! 😀

A Shot at the Big Time by Christina McMullen – Free today!

Okay, there is a wedgie in this, but it isn’t really about butts. But this is a great comedy series, and my book in it comes out soon!


Grab it here!

A Treasured Find by Calvin Westbrook

I picked the font for this cover!

… Also there is cake in this book!

Also also it is a good book.



Grab it here!

The Voice – by Nat Kennedy

Nat is a Great Author who has different deals happening all week long!


The Voice is free from Aug 29-31! Now is your chance!

Grab it here! 

And check out more about Nat here!

The Beast by Ethan White — 1.99


Grab it here!

New Heat by Ethan White — 1.99


Grab it here!

I… haven’t heard of Ethan White before right now, making this list of books for Butt Week! But since they are participating I will make it my civic duty to figure out what Ethan White is about. … At least with that beast one. I mean, does it have fangs? I hope so.

Go-Go Boys of Club 21 by Cameron D James — 99 cents


Grab it here!

Cameron is an absolutely amazing person! Great author and all around gooder. Deep Desires Press is his publishing baby and I am in awe of it. Speaking of Deep Desires…

Deep Desires Press – Special Butt Week Publisher

Deep Desires Press likes to publish it hot! Sometimes spicy hot, sometimes sweet hot, but always hot. Except for the stories that are set in like the arctic and stuff, or like, you know, in the coldest parts of space and… uh, well like, that kind of Popsicle kind of cold, you know?

I mean, yeah! Hot! Even with cold stuff, like Popsicles. Take that summer, Butt Week and Deep Desires will fill your mouth with a nice cold rod of sweetness!


Actually, let’s try this one again. Deep Desires Press is a publisher of fun and sexy titles of all kinds, so you better believe that Butt Week, and therefore Butts, happen in their titles! They are the special Publisher of Butt Week and have a bunch of titles you can grab on sale this week! (once the ever slow book conglomerates catch up with the price requests, and you are in their required region and all that!)

You can read more about Deep Desires Here! I highly recommend them.

Books From Deep Desires:

The Line of Succession by Harry F Rey — 99 cents


Grab it here!

I haven’t read this one yet, but I listened to the podcast Deep Desires had about it and it sounds amazing. The cover alone tells you exactly if you will like this book, I mean, look at it!

Freshman Year by Dalton — 1.99


Grab it here!

Given the cover, I’d expect there is some lady butt in this one, butt I am not 100%. If you are scared of heterosexuals, read the description first!

Blue by LB La Vigne — 99 cents


Grab it here!

Blue is a Butt Week tradition now! It has only been in less Butt Weeks than official Annals of Gentalia stuff.

It always gets some mad clicks. I think it is because, look at that kitty! Blue the orange kitty, I mean, come on. Mad clicks for Blue!

The Dome: Beginnings by Keith Nosdivad — 99 cents


Grab it here!

I have it on good authority that if you grab this one, it is going to grab you back, and mean it!

New York Heat by Cameron D James — 1.99


Grab it here!

Did you know that a tall drink of water is a great way to beat some meat? …! The heat! I meant beat the heat! Cameron will forgive me for messing that up, pretty sure.

Tales of Monsterotica Anthology Collection Book 1 — 1.99


Grab it here!

Or, if you only want a taste… you can grab

The Castle of Count Shagula — 99 cents



Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales by Dylan James — 99 cents


Grab it Here!

This one is less… full on Butt Grabbing and more sweet. FYI. 🙂


That is everyone for today, no wait. It isn’t!

Because there is a special reason that Deep Desires Press is the Special Publisher of this event, and that is because they are also the publisher for the C.U.M. books!

All the C.U.M. books are on sale right now for 99 cents! Be sure and grab them to great ready for… maybe some special news later this week? Who knows!


Book 1: Desires of the Deep

Book 2: Centaur of Attention

Book 3: Gorgon in 69 Seconds


Speaking of the Anders’ Quest Series, the other two are on Kindle Countdown!

Fighters of the Code

Patchers of the Code