Patchers of the Code: Book 3 of the Anders’ Quest Series

A game world hard resetting.
An administered threat ignored.
A protagonist elf vanished.

The massively multi-player online role playing game Annals of Gentalia is facing its biggest advisory yet—a complete game reset. Soon the dangerous monsters, plunderable booty, and sneaky glades will be lost forever!

Fresh off the ending of Book Two in which Anders, the plucky elf protagonist, was boned, four groups of eager heroes fight to keep the world (and themselves) alive by any means necessary. But sometimes the threat you face is closer than you think and is waiting to break your ass.

Many questions weigh heavily on n’s mind. Can he collect enough sexy MacGuffins to stop the true threat to the world? How can someone that barely exists even have fulfilling encounters with Gentalia’s sexy beasts? More importantly to n is his own personal question, “Wait, who in the Flaming Pit is n?”

Warning: Contains m/m content and blissful monster banging.

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