Month: November 2014


This week at the Writing Slam we had about 15 minutes to write about honey. Naturally, I came up with this. Special thanks to a fellow writer who allowed me to steal the name Honey Shack!

Deep within the Honey Shack, it dripped off the giant novelty spoon, forming a thin continual flow, shining with a glossy sheen of golden yellow mixed with intense fear. Each spoonful added to the danger, added to the sense of urgency. It was up to his waist now, and Captain Many Adjectives struggled helplessly against his honeycomb bonds. Our hero grimaced as the level of overly sweet magical bee nectar rose higher and higher in the gigantic over-sized jar.

This was no way to go, to finally be eliminated. Hundreds of horrible death traps created by maniacal Super Villains had been concurred in the past, the Stewing Pot of The Line Cook, the Barraging Ball Returner of The Tennis Instructor, The Spinning Wheel of House Roulette, and the Machine of The Omega Mechanic. But this trap was different. Not different in the sense of how overly complicated the device was, they had to be as required by law, but different in way of who had built it.

This super villain was not like any other he had faced in the past. Long hair, delicate features, constantly humming bee wings, and the sweeter than honey smile. She was the very first super villainess he had ever encountered. The Beehemoth Queen was her name, and with her legions of gigantic radioactive killer honey bees she had captured two things from Captain Many Adjectives. His body, which she was going to preserve in toxic bee honey for all time, and his heart.

Lissa: Nipple Honey: Deluxe

Lissa: Nipple Honey: Deluxe