Mr. Ratburn, and the Horrible Backlash

It has been some time since I posted on my site, sorry about that. I really should come more.

Recently, Mr. Ratburn was shown to be homosexual. On the show it was subtle, and not slapped in your face like a giant salami. Just, there. But, damn. Has there been anti-gay backlash on this. So much that it hurts me, in the past.

I have a story I’d like to share.

I was in kindergarten when I started to question my sexuality. I was promptly told after a project we did in class about marriage that I was not allowed to marry the person I had picked to marry in my answer. (We had been told that you marry someone you like and I picked my best friend, since I liked him.) I was told that boys marry girls, they do not marry other boys and I had to pick someone else for this project.

This interaction messed up my mental state for literal decades. There was nothing at the time that really could tell me that I wasn’t the only person in the world that felt this way. Everything that was perceived as gay or different at that time was ‘Disney Evil’ or ‘look at the silly poofs’. I had to hide myself, grow more and more scared, and alone.

Parents of kids in my school protested against sex ed allowing us to learn about homosexuals. That day of sex ed was cancelled. I was the only one who showed up for that class. The teacher didn’t even show. I felt more alone than ever. This lead to depression and suicide thoughts.

I nearly did kill myself in Grade 10. I had everything prepared, but couldn’t do it. You ever spend an entire weekend alone holding onto a kitchen knife crying on your bed in an empty house trying to slit your wrists to make the pain stop? I have. It isn’t a proud memory, but it makes me stronger today.

So if I was 6 again, and saw this episode of Arthur where nothing at all is said, it is simply shown that two men could get married, and no one gives them any grief about it, it is just what happens in the episode, then holy fuck would my childhood have been a hell of a lot less terrible.

You anti-gay asshats say that ‘teh gays’ are trying to indoctrinate your children all you want, but it is a pile of shit because ‘News flash’ your children are already thinking about this. If you deny children the knowledge that some people are different then you are sentencing some of your children to misery, fear, and unfortunately death.

Claiming that the gays are ass obsessed, when homophobes all have your heads shoved so far your own asses that you are building your retirement home up in there. At least we gays take breaks between our deviancy to let our butts have some rest.

Also, there was a heterosexual wedding in the first damn season, so you can all stop bitching that weddings show romance and a thing that children don’t need to know about because that was shown to be fine for heterosexual relationships 21 seasons ago.

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  1. I totally, totally hear you. Besides, as an answer to people freaking out about a gay person showing up on this show, even if we totally banned all mention of gayness everywhere, those relationships would still happen in secret. You can see the behavior all through nature, in species from bonobos to dolphins, and it’s not always just a show of dominance. So yeah, the phenomenon isn’t going anywhere, no matter what they want! Thank you for this post.

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  2. I am sorry that this happened to you. For years, I kept a knife in their bedroom, just in case I decided to stop scratching my wrists with the tip and keep going (but not for the same reasons). I can sympathize and I am so happy you managed to climb off that ledge.

    My kids are always welcome to watch shows with gay, lesbian, trans, bi, queer, and whatever characters because there are gay, lesbian, trans, bi, queer, and whatever people in the world some of whom I’m lucky enough to be friends with or related to. While I don’t want to in any way discount the fighting people had to do to come out and be out, I like it when movies and tv shows toss it in there like it’s no big deal because it shouldn’t be a big deal.

    If either of my kids are gay, then they are gay because they’re gay, not because they watched a guy in a movie who has a husband or a lady in a tv show who kisses a girl. People were gay before the internet and tv. It makes me sad that bigoted idiots cut themselves off from amazing people and opportunities with their hatred.

    Hopefully sharing your story brings some peace and catharsis. Keep being awesome and wonderful!

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