All Men’s Space – In Space: Bufik Lanet’s Tale

Tales of Gentalia are a series of quick stand alone Novelettes that you can download for free some of the time! A free gay sex romp? I know, sign me up right? Be sure to check the schedule for the give away dates!

All Men’s Space – In Space! is the seventh of these Novelettes!

Here is a lovely blurb about this tale.

A mysterious planet unexplored.

A hyped game modded.

A helpful space elf solo.

Industry Giant Tornado Tech has —amazingly— done nothing wrong this time, but Goodbye Games’ latest game was all hype and no substance. There is one saving grace for the flop of the decade: the modding community. Space Science Officer Bufik Lanet is on a dangerous mission through modded territory to save his crew-mates and he doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve!

But not all mods are coded equal, and soon the expedition is compromised with titillating situations more reserved for other games parodied in the Tales of Gentalia Series (which Tornado Tech do have their hands firmly grasped around). Bufik space explores as fast as he can to protect his friends from mysterious science fiction technobabble that wants to use them for experiments of its own.

As ‘The Device’ siphons energy from a curious source, an important question remains unanswered: What kind of insane modder would add sexual situations to a video game? More important to Bufik Lanet is his own personal question, “I wonder if that sexy Commander Herder is single?”

Warning: Contains m/m situations and modded monster banging.

This Novelette is out on Amazon!