Breakers of the Code: Book 1 of the Anders’ Quest Series

A virtual world perverted.

An ancient threat ignored.

A spunky elf pantsless.

Industry giant Tornado Tech Games has just released their latest masterpiece, the massively multi-player online role playing game Annals of Gentalia.  Anders, the plucky elf Night Ranger is pumped to explore its most secret depths.

But things are not always how they seem in the virtual world. When the elf accidentally breaks into the hidden code of the game, his play experience is forever altered. Everyone has to adapt  to a game world where the once normal monsters are now charged with sexual energy.  Anders ends up setting off on an epic journey to save his own ass.

As the world quickly plummets into chaos around him, a vital question lingers. What kind of video game would willingly release a horde of sex crazed monsters into the world? More importantly to Anders, where can an elf get some pants around here!?

Warning: Contains m/m content and vigorous monster banging.

This book can be found on Amazon! There is a print version and an ebook version.