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(It is also the unofficial page for Anals of Genitalia, Annals of Genitalia, and Anals of Gentalia!) If you are under the legal age for your country turn away now, this is your warning. You shouldn’t be here! Otherwise feel free to look around!

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Butt Week Is Returning!

Butt Week is making a glorious return August 20th-26th and this year I am looking to increase the scope!

More books, more prizes, and best of all more authors! I already have a few authors joining me and I would like more! Please contact me (on Twitter or Goodreads or in a comment on this page) and let me know if you want in on Butt Week!

Butt Week is mostly m/m stuff, but I have a few iffy titles myself, so let me know more!

A Treasured Find – Review

Hey look! Fan Art! And it is about that part where cake gets eaten! Hooray!

I normally don’t read slow burn romances, but for this book series I will make an exception. If you like the your romances with a little bit of diversity in the people kissing, this is the one for you! Hardly any of them were people, and that is how I personally like it.
Dragon shifters, elves, plot spoilers, this had all sorts of great ideas in it!

So if you like a more tender m/m romance that takes some time to build, try this one.

A Treasured Find is by Calvin Westbrook. You can grab it on Amazon!