Month: April 2016

The Book Designer – Cover Awards – April 2016

Since I discovered The Book Designer site I have been in love. It is such a wonderful resource for authors and book designers.

The monthly cover awards are always my favourite part. This month I get to squeee as I see my book cover in the list for the second time. Good job Vambrace. Looking good out there!

I will win a coveted star someday Joel. Some day!

Check them out!

Fan Art for Those that have none – again

Another Fan Art happened. This one is based on a character concept only! It isn’t even a book yet! This is a bad boy elf, a concept by E.A. Turley.

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Here is Keahi Takegawa putting some moves on Dave Sommer in  Bethany Ebert‘s Aloha from Hell!

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Here is Abigail Dressler and her unlikeliest of allies, Haatim Arison as they fight demons in Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole.

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Here is fan art for Night Dragon by Maymunah Azad. Five Orphans are selected to fight against the terrible threat to the city! This is the last boss encounter.

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Here is fan art for Calvin Westbrook for Jackpot. Arnie Walker seems to have stolen more than he can chew and has unleashed a Genie… who is also the Fonz, apparently.

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