Official Merchandise

Introducing: Crafting: Series 2!

Introducing the second series of official Annals of Gentalia merchandise!

If you want one, either help me promote big events and you can win them, or ask me about them special. Two can fit in an envelope for less shipping cost! They cost $8 each, but the shipping costs the same for 2, so get two. Treat yourself.

They make lovely Ornaments, on like trees, or on rear-view mirrors and stuff!

Series Two: The Second Season!

Caela - perler

Caela Perler!

Zal Finn II - perler

Zal Finn II Perler!

Gliint - perler

Gliint Perler!

Yallundy - perler

Yallundy Perler!

Kray - perler

Kray Perler!

warrior - perler

warrior Perler!

Breaker - perler

Breaker Perler!

Series One: The First of the Trilogy!

Still available!

Introducing: Crafts! Series 1

Introducing the very first official Annals of Gentalia merchandise! (Besides the books of course!)

I have absolutely no idea how you could quickly order one if you wanted one… I probably need to set up an official shop on this website or on Amazon or something. But you can still be the first non Beta-Reader to own one of these hand-crafted (by the Author no less) crafts! If you wish to own any of the Series One Ornaments, contact me directly through this website! (They cost $8 each, but buy more and save!)

Series One Contains:

Anders, Fournimer, Palcath, Roodg, Lissa, and Mr. Max!

Anders - perler

Anders Perler!

Palcath - perler

Palcath Perler!

Fournimer - perler

Fournimer Perler!

Roodg - perler

Roodg Perler!

Lissa - perler

Lissa Perler!

Mr Max - perler

Mr. Max Perler!