Fighters of the Code: Book 2 of the Anders’ Quest Series

A giant expansion untapped.

A different ancient threat ignored.

A spunky elf re-pantsless.

The vast expansion to the massively multi-player online role playing game Annals of Gentalia has been spread wide open and Anders, the elf protagonist from the last book is primed and ready to experience everything it has to offer.

Anders must set off on an even higher staked quest to attempt to save his own ass. He and his companions are stretched to the absolute limit attempting to reach the climax of the island expansion.

Many questions weigh heavily on Anders’ mind. Can he find who was responsible for breaking the world? Is this expansion also filled with sexually charged monsters ready to take advantage of any avatar that gets in their way? (Of course it is! This book would be dreadfully boring if it wasn’t!) More importantly to Anders though is his own personal question, “How could I possibly have lost my pants again?!”

Warning: Contains m/m content and euphoric monster banging.

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