Book Reviews

Red Envelope – Review

Here is a review of a Novella… Novelette? (not sure on the word count. It’s 45 pages long though.)

The story was called Red Envelope by Atom Yang.

Yes, I am implying that the Title ‘Red Envelope’ is referring to Clint’s red pants as seen in this picture.

This story is a little sweet. Clint and Weaver made for an interesting pair, and I am always glad to have diversity shown with couples! It was fun, cute, sweet, and short, much like my review!


Apocalypse Wow 2: Apocalypse Wower – A Review

The second book in the Apocalypse Wow series has an absolutely lovely cover! Truly stunning.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free after I designed the cover for free. The decision to review it was mine!

This was my favourite book thus far in the series, and it was for more than just the cover (although that was a part of it)! Ben really can smack you with irreverence, but not in the bad way. The random helps this story helps to keep you questioning what is real and what isn’t and that helps to keep you turning the pages. It isn’t serious. It doesn’t have to be. It can be about the end of the world, and it can be about juice boxes, skeletal Mounties, and mac n’ cheese at the same time. It’s okay.

He got a bonus star for it being so different than other things.

Oh, and thank you for having more strong female characters in this one! Also, great cover man!

5 Skeletal Mounties out of 5!

The First Act – A Review

I decided something, why not put Book Reviews that I do on this site? So here is the latest book I reviewed!

The First Act, by Vanessa Mulberry. Which is available on Amazon here: Book Clicky Linky!

This was a touching read that wasn’t like other books in the genre. There was a lot of tenderness to the main characters in this book, and it reminded me of the starting book of some really fantastic series I have read with m/m elements. I don’t like to brag, but I am a bit of a master of foreshadowing, it is like my mutant power, and it really felt like this was the start of a new series. It didn’t say so in the book, but personally I think there will be more of Richard and William to come! It really felt like this to me, so I will be watching for… The Second Act, which is my guess at the name of book two which features more of the new relationship, and some more spy times!

I thought the dynamics were good, even with a bit of a triangle going, it wasn’t ham fisted and what would probably happen to real people. Also, Sam was my favourite. Yes, he wasn’t in it that much, but I want more Sam please.

And speaking of to come, thank you for not fading to black! Let’s see more of that please!