Butt Week 2018!

Butt Week 2018 is here! Aug 19th – 25th!
This is the page you need to keep track of for all of the deals and/or steals!

So many exciting things are happening this week, and some of them are even here! Grab yourself…

a free or discounted book. Maybe some merch, and some prizes. See some exclusive posts, and stick around for some exclusive updates! It is a butt load… of stuff.

Be sure and check before you buy! We are trying out best to make sure all the deals are true to what they say on this page, but they might not be for your region or we might have messed up! Please double check! 🙂


It came out! It took all week to get through the hoops, but it came out!

The Tales of Gentalia: Game of the Year Edition is out! (The sexy art is hidden on my website)

Game of the year




Lyra Shanti: Author of Striped Butt

Lion and the Tiger

The Lion and the Tiger: A Shiva XIV Story: Free Aug 24!

Connect with Lyra on facebook and twitter!

Cameron D. James: Author of Steamy Butts


Men in the Hot Room: Discounted Aug 19-25


Go-Go Boys of Club 21: Discounted Aug 19-25

Connect with Cameron on Twitter @Cameron_D_James

Deep Desires Press: Publishers of Butts, and Also Boobs!

Deep Desires Press is once again deep inside Butt Week! They have offered up many titles from their impressive library from different authors on discount for the entire week!

Some of the authors are already listed up above, so they are here to double team you!

Harry F. Rey

The Line of Succession

The Line of Succession



Cameron D. James

Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire



Bob Masters

Law of Love

Law of Love


LB La Vigne




Siryn Sueng 

Incubus Touch

Incubus Touch

Wolf’s Kiss



Justin MacCormack

The Castle of Count Shagula


The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein


The Curse of the Mummy’s Wang


Bite of the Queerwolf


CB Archer

This one is my Deep Desires Book!


Desires of the Deep

Nat Kennedy: Author of Vocal Tainted Butt

Edge of Desperation: Wielder World 1: Free Aug 19-21

The Voice: Free Aug 21-23

Center of Deception: Wielder World 2: Free Aug 23-25

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Vanessa Mulberry: Author of Historical Butts

Vanessa Mulberry has opened up a brand new page on her website and it features all sorts of Free Books! She put it up just for Butt Week! Be sure to go check it out!

Vanessa’s House of Classy as Fuck Romantic Smut!


Christina McMullen: Special Butt Support

Christina is amazing! This book features a lesbian side character who is getting her own book later!

(Girl butt is still butt)


A Shot at the Big Time


CB Archer: Author of Elfrotica and Elfbutt!

The Tales of Gentalia Series

All 13 Tales of Gentalia will be free at some point this week. Keep checking for which one is free now.

Also, stay tuned for a super exciting announcement with them! The biggest thing of Buttweek I think.

Free Aug 23th + 24th

Slime Pop! Saga

Where In Hard-Boiled City is Carmella SanFrancisco?

Need for Seed

Keytar Heroine


The Anders’ Quest Series Deals and Giveaways

The Anders’ Quest Series is a full fledged fantasy series, and best of all – it is full of butts!

Book 1: Breakers of the Code: Free from Aug 21st-Aug 25th

Book 2: Fighters of the Code: On US + UK Amazon Countdown Deal Aug 21-25th! 75% off!

Book 3: Patchers of the Code: On US + UK Amazon Countdown Deal Aug 21-25th!  75% off!




Use the #ButtWeek and tell us what book you got! Or retweet one of our promos and you could win!

What could you win?

Christina McMullen has donated this custom artwork to the cause! Tell us about one of the books you got during Butt Week (on twitter or something) and you can win this!

Space Elf.jpg



Official Butt Week and Annals of Gentalia merch is here! Stay tuned this week for the reveal.

There are Butt Week T-Shirts! And soon there will be Annals of Gentalia ones as well!

Butt Week Shirt

Annals of Gentalia Shirt

Keaton Clarke: Meat Master Shirt

Scott Retariat: Mountable Shirt



Fan Fiction of Fanned Friction

Multiple Brand New Fan Fictions are here!


Bestseller Babe by CC Gunhaver

Fanfics of Gentalia #7


top of the class cover

Top of the Class by BC Fletcher

C.U.M. Fanfic #1