Need for Seed

Tales of Gentalia are a series of quick stand alone Novelettes that you can download for free some of the time! A free sex romp? I know, sign me up right? Be sure to check the schedule for the give away dates!

Need for Seed is the eleventh of these Novelettes!

Here is a lovely blurb about this tale.

A pair finally explored.
A centauress brushed off.
A desperate need for seed.

Industry Giant, Tornado Tech has combined everyone’s two favourite genres of games—high speed adrenaline filled racing games and slow paced farming simulators—into heaving mounds of worldwide success. Gertrude and her gaming guild are old pros at hoeing, and some are even experts at plowing.

But not all seeds bear the same fruit and soon the game has a few devious intentions sown amidst the relaxing high-octane thrill rides. When some of your guild learns the ultimate sexy secret of video games how far will they go to keep playing with each other?

As the last achievement approaches, an important question remains unanswered: Why is this Tale called Need for Seed if it is about lesbians? They don’t want that. More important to Gertrude is her own personal question: “Who am I again?”

Warning: Contains f/f situations and exhibitionist lady banging.
While part of a series, this novelette can be read as a standalone story!

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