Karta Monstra: Hunter’s Tale

Tales of Gentalia are a series of quick stand alone Novelettes that you can download for free some of the time! A free gay sex romp? I know, sign me up right? Be sure to check the schedule for the give away dates!

Karta Monstra is the sixth of these Novelettes!

Here is a lovely blurb about this tale.

A Kard game stacked.
A devious trap laid.
A confused player lost.

Industry Giant Tornado Tech has spat out yet another generation of their most popular game franchise and newbie player Hunter Pitchum is lost (both in the convoluted rules and in a terrible cell-shaded nightmare realm from which there is no escape).

But not all decks are dealt equally and Karta Monstra has more hidden up its sleeve than simple collectable battle monsters. His own Kards challenge Hunter to deal with them and the only hope for a full release is to come out on top!

As Dimensional X surrounds him, an important question remains unanswered. What kind of collectable monster game would challenge players to sexual battles? More importantly to Hunter is his own personal question, “Why doesn’t anyone just tell me what is going on?”

Warning: Contains m/m/f, and h/m situations and collectable monster banging.
While part of a series, this novelette can be read as a stand alone story!


This story is out! Get it on Amazon, or with Kindle Unlimited here!