Universe Building

The Evolution of a Giant

I was doodling and I came across a fun concept for a logo. It was for Tornado Tech Games, the brilliant game company that published Annals of Gentalia as their latest MMORPG.

Please feel free to share your ideas, this logo is in the evolving stage at the moment.

The first stage: I was sketching ideas on how to make this logo look like the Blizzard Enterprises logo, since Tornado Tech may be slightly based off their name. I stumbled upon the idea of diving the ‘N’ with a Tornado, and abandoned all other sketches.

Tornado Tech Logo

The ‘Games’ was bothering me, and all feedback this far pointed out that the Tornado was too modern looking (As Tornado Tech was founded in 1988 as a maker of quality arcade machine joysticks). I removed the distressed sections and went with full colour, to make it appear a child of the late eighties. The tornado was also a bit too ‘Doritoish’, so I tossed my double triangle in the bin and went in this direction.

Tornado Tech Logo

Anyone have other thoughts? I may just ditch the ‘Games’ completely.