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An Interview with Siryn Sueng!

I bet you are wondering what that sexy art has to do with anything!
Today we have an interview – this time with author Siryn Sueng! So without delay, here is the interview so you can figure out why this Featured Image makes you tingle so!
CB Archer: Hello Siryn, thanks for taking some time to talk to me today for my blog! As per the mystical laws of interviewing someone we will need to complete 10 questions before being allowed to return to our normal lives! We will start with the obvious one.


1. Can you tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

Siryn Sueng: Let’s see, I’m a huge anime nerd. I love manga and have a small, but growing, collection of manga. I am currently working part time as a driver -it’s alright, I’d rather be writing 100% of the time though lol. I’m married to my wonderful husband of 13 years, no children yet. But maybe in the near future. I love fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi and I’ve written in all three genres. Oh and I have two kitties, one of which is currently attempting to assist me with answering the question lol.

CB: Kitties you say? Aw, that is super cute! *Takes notes on how cute the kitties are*

Okay now a hard one.


2. Everyone I interview on my blog is allowed to pick what colour they want their text to be! I will manually be doing the colour changes this time to avoid any incidents, don’t worry. Just pick a colour!

SS: Oh my! That is hard! ^.^ Lol, let’s see well, another tid bit about me: green is my favorite color (I like blue too, it’s a close second though)
CB: I also like green, so we will need to coordinate which green we will be! Do you want more of a bright green, a dark green, sage?

SS: Dark green would be lovely.

CB: Done! *Takes notes on which dark green it is and on how the bright green is way too bright on the site so how he changed his colour to purple to make things easier to read!*


I need to ask an important question, but I am going to ask a less important question first, because it is a lead up question to the important question.

SS: Lol sounds good to me!

CB: 3. You write Paranormal, and fantasy stories. Do the characters in your books encounter mythical creatures and monsters? You know, in fantasy ways.

SS: They do. I’m currently writing a paranormal series that I’m totally in love with. Past stories have had all kinds of encounters. 

CB: Wonderful! I pretty much had an idea the answer was going to be yes! 😀


 *Takes notes on mythical creatures*


I’ll admit it! I needed to ask that before this question!

4. You also write erotica and contemporary stories (according to your twitter profile). So what my readers really want to know is – Do the characters in your books ‘encounter’ mythical creatures and monsters? You know, in sexy ways.

SS: Hehe, for the most part; most definitely. Got to have some spicy sex in there somewhere! Mostly their sexy encounters are with mythical creatures, very rarely with what we might consider monsters. For example, the book I’m currently working on for my paranormal series, the main character is smitten by a gargoyle. 😉


 In all sorts of ways hehe

CB: !!!


*Takes copious amounts of notes* Gargoyles you say? *Takes more notes*

SS: Oh yes. lol Ah, an incubus for the first book too, if that so intrigues you. 
CB: … so factoring in the rock abilities… and… oh, sorry, got distracted!

Incubus! *notes! notes! notes!*


Okay, things are heating up here.


5. Perhaps a question that will both calm things down, or maybe heat them back up! What is your favourite type of monster or mystical creature? (In general, or to write about, or to have sexy times with, whichever you wish to answer.)

SS: Hmm. That’s is definitely a tough question. I think this is going to keep things nice and hot here, so to explain why it’s quite hard to choose. The incubus in the first book is an intense lover. He knows all the ways to make it extremely erotic. However, the werewolf in book two is just as sexy with his love for bondage and toys. And those are just two out of the many I have planned to write about. Oh my… However, I think I can say I enjoyed writing the werewolf simply because of the bondage ^.^

CB: I see. *nods head while taking vigorous notes* That makes sense with the Incubus, as he would be a sex demon… and bondage you say?!

SS: Of course. Wolves are a bit wild to begin with lol.

CB: 6. We should get to the exciting news before we run out of questions because I spend them all talking about werewolf bondage!
You have a new book coming out soon called Louder than Words! Can you tell us a little bit about that?
SS: I do! Louder than Words is my first ever contemporary story. It’s a novella maxing at about 18,000 words. This one is extremely out of the box for me as I don’t normally write contemporary (I mean, mythical creatures are so very exciting!) So this one was a challenge for me. But I do love the story. It’s about a local teacher in Clearwater Florida who is crushing hard on a Starbucks barista. The barista is Alex and he has a disability: one vocal cord is paralyzed so he can’t talk loud enough for people to hear him. Thus, he uses sign language to communicate. However, our dear teacher, Derrek, doesn’t know this and when he goes to ask Alex on a date, he doesn’t get an answer. He learns later on that Alex uses sign language and after being prompted by his friend from work; Derrek asks Alex to teach him. And so begins their super sweet relationship.  

CB: That sounds interesting (I totally read the teaser on your website as well, so I kinda knew that, but the readers would want to know I’ll bet!)

SS: Aww thank you lol ^.^

CB: *Takes notes about cute baristas*

7. Okay, and this Derrick fellow, if he was going to choose sex with either a sexy god Incubus, or a Bondage Werewolf (That is their name now) which kind would he chose?

SS: Lol! That’s awsome.  Sexy god Incubus because he’s a sensual lover.  

CB: I see, I see… *Takes more notes to add to the ever growing pile of notes that is slightly becoming alarming in size*


8. Right after this interview you are going to be doing a live cover reveal for Louder than Words. How exciting!



I mean, how exciting is that?

SS: Yes! I’m so very excited.

I can’t wait to share the cover and more about the story. 

CB: Wonderful! So… cover is coming, *makes a note about how cover is coming and to add it here later because this reveal already happened and now it can be shown around.*



Getting to some of the later and more serious questions now, so I hope you are ready!

SS: Definitely! 

CB: 9. Okay, the question everyone has been waiting for! You have been selected by an invading alien race of supreme overlords as one of the combatants to fight in a gladiatorial tournament for the survival of the human race. Hundreds of other alien races are fighting for their races in this tournament. What do you do to survive and allow the human race to keep on living? Oh, and what weapon do you take from the gladiatorial pile?!

SS: Ooh! So exciting! (Am I the only one who would be excited for this? >.>) In any case! I would fight to the death! And a weapon… hmm a bow. I’m not too bad with one either lol. I’d like to think I’d stand a chance with a bow rather than up close and personal with a sword ^.^


Unless, there’s a gun in that pile >.> I’d take a sniping rifle lol.

CB: I see! *Writes notes about gladiatorial alien overlord tournaments. *

No, I think the alien overlords don’t allow guns, as they don’t believe the fighting races are civilized enough to have them, but laser-guided-bow-rifle-casters are fair game!

SS: Sweet!
CB: Good choice, bows would be my weapon as well!

Same colour, same favourite weapon, same mythical creature banging! *Writes notes about matches made in heaven.*

SS: Hehe! 

CB: I just noticed that I appear to have barricaded the door with a mountain of dangerously stacked notes!

SS: Oh no!

CB: I’m sure it will be fine! It isn’t like my interviews *always* end with death…


10. I snooped over your website (gratuitous link to website and noticed that one of your hobbies is a hobby very dear to my heart – Games. What is your favourite game of all time?

SS: Oh I love games. I play quite the array. From Otome Novels to PC games, to console games. I prefer JRPG’s, though one of my all time favorites on the console has been the Dragon Age series. I’ve played all three all the way through and multiple times over. Another on to that is the Tales games. I’ve played two of them so far as I don’t have all the consoles needed to play all the other ones (I wish they’d just cross-platform). The Fire Emblem series is another love of mine too. Oh my… it seems I can’t really pick an all time favorite! There’s so many!

CB: I know it is really hard to pick favourites! Those are all good choices! I choose to ‘Ride the Bull’ in Dragon Age: Inquisition though, cause that was an easy choice!

SS: Me to! He’s my favorite to romance lol.
CB: * Runs out of paper to write notes about Iron Bull and absent mindedly takes an old note from the middle of the stack. A key, load bearing note.*

Oh biscuits. I’ve probably doomed us both! Quick. Bonus question! Do you have any questions for me before this pile of notes that surrounds us tips over and crushes us?

SS: Oh no! Ah, I do have a question. If you could summon a mythical creature to save us from our impending doom, which would it be?

CB: You have done it! With your question you have possibly saved us!

What kind of creature could save us from this problem? Oh, I know!


*Summons forth two creatures*


The first is a Bondage Werewolf. He uses his skills of bondage to tie back the wave of impending doom notes. (Death notes if you will.)


The second is a sexy skilled Incubus that can use his demon fire cock to sear all the notes to ashes!

SS: LOL! Yay we’ve been saved! And we now have sexy company too.
CB: This is the first interview in a long time where I didn’t need to flee in terror! Great job!

I can’t decide which to hug first! *drool*

 SS: Aww thank you lol. Haha yes, I can see the dilemma, I wouldn’t know either.
CB: Well thank you so much for the interview Siryn! (I’ll take the incubus first, I decided, so you can cuddle the werewolf and then…)
SS: You’re very welcome, thank you so much for having me! I will enjoy cuddling with the werewolf lol, though he might get jealous of the incubus… which might turn into a rather interesting menage >.>
CB: !!!

*Starts taking new notes*


You can meet Siryn here:
(Excerpts for Louder than Words and Incubus Touch can be found here and they are great fun!)

Author Bio:

Siryn Sueng is an erotica M/M romance writer. Mostly she writes in the fantasy, paranormal, and even Sci-Fi genres. Louder than Words, though, is her first ever contemporary work. She’s married to her wonderful husband of 13 years, and they have two cute kittens, Anubis and Kida, who drive them crazy almost all the time. Anubis fancies himself the destroyer of the elusive red dot…

Siryn is a lover of games on a wide range of platforms. She plays on the PC, console, and hand-held devices (her 3DS currently). She also plays otome novels on her tablet. Dragon Age, the Fire Emblem series, and the Tale’s series are her favorite games. Japan is where she would love to visit sometime. She’s a huge fan of Japan, including manga and anime. Siryn loves to read, though she’s been writing more than reading as of late. And she has a deep love for dragons. She has a very large collection of dragon statues in her house.


Book Links:




An Interview with Vanessa Mulberry

*Note: This image is fan art of Vanessa’s book: The First Act. This isn’t what happened in the interview*

CB: Today is an exciting day because we have an interview with author Vanessa Mulberry! Vanessa is an author who actually wants to be featured on the Annals of Gentalia site, which is amazing on multiple levels.

CB: Hello Vanessa and welcome to the interview!

Vanessa:  hELLO!

CB: Interviews are 10 questions long, as per the ancient laws of the elder ones, so let’s get right into it!


CB: This is probably the most important question there is. You may notice that I am green, what colour do you want your text to be in this interview? I shall set my Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator to shift your colour.

Vanessa: Oh my gosh, what a question! No softballs in this interview. I’m going to have to go with Mulberry I think, to honour the kind souls who named the colour after me.

CB: Looking sharp!


CB: Okay, time for a question that is actually a question. Can you please tell us a bit about your writing style and your work?

Vanessa: I write MM historical romance and so try to write in an appropriate voice.  I’ve set books in ancient Troy, Tudor England, Regency London, and I’m currently working on a book set in the English countryside in 1924. Each has their own unique challenges, particularly in terms of the words and idioms. For example, my novel The First Act is set in 1594, and most people will be familiar with texts from that time via Shakespeare, but I wasn’t about to write a romance in Early Modern English! So it has a modern voice, and the flavor of the time has to come through wordplay and vocabulary choices.

CB: I have read that book and appreciate that it was old timey enough, but not too much. Needing an old English dictionary would be troublesome, mostly because Old English is a hard font to read!


CB: Let’s dive a bit deeper into your latest release, Becoming Lord Drake’s Lover. Can you tell us more about Lord Drake, and what you liked most about his story?

Vanessa: Josiah Drake is a rakish Regency hero with a heart of gold. He’s sex positive, respectful to women, kind to his servants and very much in love with his friend Albinus St John. He’s also a kinky bugger. I like him very much!

I think my favourite thing about his story has got to be his love and respect for Albinus. That and his collection of butt plugs.

CB: I did like Lord Buttplug’s collect of Drakes as well. !!! I mean, uh… Lord Drake’s collection of buttplugs!


CB: Now for a very important question that everyone has been waiting to hear the answer to: Who would win in a fight, Supergirl or Batgirl?

Vanessa: Well Supergirl is one of the few TV shows I actually watch so I’m going to have to go with her! She has powers whilst Batgirl just has gear, so it makes sense to me, plus she’s got the DEO behind her.

CB: Personally, I think it depends on the fight. Out of the blue, yes, Supergirl is going to kick butt, but if she has time to prepare, Batgirl might come out on top! If it is a sexy fight, I think everyone wins!


CB: Perhaps another question about writing next! What is your favourite part of the writing process?

Vanessa: I really like editing. I do 7-10 drafts of each story so it’s layer upon layer of polishing. My first drafts tend to be quite spare, so each lay usually adds rather than cuts. It’s much less painful that way!

CB: Sorry, my Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator is acting up after I used so many colours in the last question.


CB: You often write in historical times, what kind of research, sexy or otherwise, do you do to make your stories more authentic to the time period?

Vanessa: My google researches are probably very tame compared to other writers. It’s mostly little details, things like clothing, architecture, and the popular names of the era. Sexywise, I have researched lubes, dildos etc. Humans have been carving phallic objects for 28,000 years so there’s plenty of material available for the imaginative author!

CB: My Google search history? Who said anything about looking at my Google search history?!

CB: We are getting some odd colours here Terrance. Maybe we should stop using the highly experimental Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator?

Terrance the Unicorn: Okay! Got it.


CB: Sorry about that Vanessa. I guess it is back to basic black for now. That is a shame because this is probably the most important question of the interview. I hear you are big fan of the Annals of Gentalia Books! Can you tell us more about them!?

Vannesa: I am a huge fan! The Annals are my favourite LGBTQIA comedy erotica series and are set in a sexy gaming environment. The books are very funny, with outlandish sex scenes and parodies of top games.

They also have some of the best fanfics, including The Classic Sixty-Nine Collection by BC Fletcher. BC Fletcher is hilarious and the book is perma-free right here!

CB: This topic is so interesting! I could talk about them for an entire interview! Speaking about myself… wait, why did the colours come back Terrance?

Terrance the Unicorn: I’m not sure, I stopped pedaling!

CB: That’s odd, the Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator shouldn’t work without a unicorn at the stationary bike.


CB: Hmm… Do you know anything about Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulators Vanessa?

Vanessa: Why yes I do! The problem here is certainly your Unicorn, which should probably be replaced. Please be responsible and recycle your Unicorn. They make excellent rainbow glitter glue, or you can sell them for meat in France.

CB: Terrance, you’re fired.

Terrance the Unicorn: Aw.

The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator sniffs the air cautiously.


CB: I am kind of worried with the way that the Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator has gained sentience, but I am sure it is fine to continue the interview. What is your favourite mythological monster?

Vanessa: It’s a cliché I know, but I’m not immune to the charms of Vampires and Werewolves. I like the angst that comes with vampires—they’re always grumpy about living forever and having to eat people! And yet they are sexy as hell.

CB: I am partial to elves myself. Also, centaurs, you might have noticed that!

Vanessa: I’m still hoping for an elf/centaur/cervitaur threesome!

CB: That would be pretty great! *misty eyes*

The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator snarls.

CB: I think we made it mad by not picking it as one of our favourite mythological creatures!

The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator changes colours of its targets.

Wendell the Replacement Pegasus: I’m running away now! Good luck!

Vanessa: Get thee to a knackers yard, Wendell!


CB: This will not end well, but I think we have time for one more question before following my assistant Terrance, so I will ask the standard final question in interviews. Do you have any questions for me?

Vanessa: Can you tell us about the upcoming entries in the Tales of Gentalia series?

CB:Of course! I am working on #8 right now, which is a Pinball/Fighting game combo. Anyone that has read Patchers of the Code would have spotted the name of this Tale as it features in the plot. If you pay extra attention the other remaining Tales’ names were also hinted at in that scene. There is going to be a total of 12 Tales and a secret one after that that I don’t ever tell anyone about!

CB: We should probably run screaming now! The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator has a taste for blood now that it ate Wendell.

Vanessa: Yes, lets!

Actual thanks to Vanessa for the interview!

*Disclaimer* No animals were hurt during this interview. Pegasus are classified as magical beasts you see!

You can find Vanessa’s Books here:

Or read my interview on her blog here!

An Interview with Shannon Reber

Here is fan art of Emery and Prince Liam. Emery is showing him that magic is real, and that she rocks at it. (Speculated scene)

CB: Today I have an author interview with Shannon Reber! I am always surprised when authors agree to get interviewed on this website, but appreciative. It makes me feel more official!

CB: Hello Shannon and thank you for subjecting yourself to an interview with me!

Shannon: Hey back! Thanks for subjecting me to this!

CB: Not a problem at all! Author interviews tend to consist of 10 questions, so I will not disappoint in that regards and jump right into a question.


CB: What colour of text do you want to represent yourself on my blog? I will make you whatever colour you wish. I personally use green, but if you wanted green to represent you I can switch colours. I am good like that.

Shannon: Ooooh, since I get to choose, blue is my FAVORITE! (And BTW, you’re right, this is a little funky) 🙂

CB: Sorry about the colour shifting algorithm. Hopefully you don’t mind the colour shifting transition text and the flavour of pineapple!


CB: Perfect! Now I will jump into a question that is actually important! You are soon to release a new book series called The Druid Heirs. Book one is called Friends & Foes. I listened to the first chapter on Youtube and it is an interesting start. Can you tell us a little about what this new series will be about?

Shannon: What it’s about, is Emery trying to fulfill the mission her mom gives her, while strange things keep happening around her. It’s fantasy, so guess what! Magic is awakening inside her! *Mouth hangs open.* She’s been looked down on all her life, but after she meets Liam everything starts to change. It’s a classic story of good versus evil, but in this one, good and evil are harder to tell apart.

CB: I had magic awaken inside me once so I can sympathize with Emery (couldn’t walk right for a week)!


CB: Your main character is named Emery, can you tell us a little about her and what makes her particularly protagonisty?

Shannon Emery is fabulous! She’s about five feet tall and what my mom would call “A little firecracker.” She’s got a big mouth, usually snarky, but also funny and SO lovable! She’s seventeen years old and is going to be put through a LOT, where having a good sense of humor will help out a lot, in my opinion. I think that makes her fabulously protagonisty. I actually feel guilty about all the things she’s going to be put through before the end . . . a little. 🙂

CB: We can feel guilty about what our characters go through, but to be fair that is what makes them interesting!


CB: Would you say that you are a lot like Emery, or are you more like one of your other characters?

Shannon: LOL, I was a lot like her when I was seventeen. I spoke first and thought about the consequences later . . . and oh, there were most definitely consequences! I get Emery, simply because she was an outsider, someone her people saw as pathetic. But wish her, there’s something awesome under the surface! She is far more what I wish I had been than what I truly was though.

CB: I will be calling you Shannon ‘Firecracker’ Reber from now on!


CB: Given that we write in slightly different genres, I think it would be a good idea to question you about that target audience for this series. Who would enjoy your books?

Shannon: ROTFL, excellent point. The thing about YA is that everybody reads it. It does tend to be females, but the age range goes from twelve to middle-aged and beyond. My target audience is anyone who wants an escape from reality!

CB: I think that my target audience might be your target audience after they are allowed to go out drinking!


CB: You mention on your Amazon author profile that reading your books can prevent the evil overlord from taking control over your mind. That is a pretty specific bargain that you have with this evil entity (far more specific than other dark pacts that I hear about on the news). Can you tell us more about how you managed to score such a good bargain with this evil entity, and what we can do to when forging our own pacts with unnatural entities of evil?

Shannon: *Evil laugh.* The thing is, the evil overlord is the crazy girl in my head who screams out stories at the worst possible moments. My pact with her is that she lets me speak the truth, if I tell her lies in my books. See how that works. It’s a symbiotic relationship. She says hi, by the way. J

CB: The evil overlord dictating your every action is a girl and is crazy? I think we might have to compare notes about evil overlords. In a lead-lined vault, 67 feet underground, with flickering blue Christmas Lights on the walls, and a typewriter in the middle with the ‘f’ key missing. You know, as per the norm.


CB: Now the question every fan of an author wants to know: We all know that werewolves are part wolf and part human and that other werecreatures exist that follow similar rules (weretigers, and werebudgies for example). If you were going to be bitten by an animal and gain the power to turn into a werecreature, what kind of animal would it be?

Shannon: Ok, so little-known fact about me, I’m legally blind. If I was bitten by an animal, I’d want something with AWESOME vision!! I think I choose an eagle. So uhhh . . . do you know any wereeagles who are looking for someone new to hang out with???

CB: I once knew a para-trooper division of gnome wereeagles, but I am afraid that I haven’t seen them since their show in Lisbon. I think I have an email address somewhere.


CB: Perhaps a serious question next. What is your favourite part of writing books?

Shannon: The escape! The worlds I create are nothing like my own. I get so wrapped up in what I put my characters through, I forget that the real world exists. It’s awesome. Oh and there might be kind of a power trip about being the master-creator of an entire world . . . maybe. 🙂

CB: Bwahahahahaha! Being the lord and master of a world is exhilarating! Watching all the characters bow down before your wonderfully described throne is a feeling… uh… I mean… yeah, that sounds fun!


CB: An even more serious question next. If you were a superhero (or super villain) what would your name be and what powers would you have? Also, what about your costume, would it be cool?

Shannon: My name would have to be The White Eagle, because I’ve already been bitten by a wereeagle. My costume would NOT be leather though. It would have to be some material that moved with me while I flew and fought crime with my trusty sidekick, who’d follow me around and tell me the crimes we needed to stop. Hey! Want to be my sidekick???

CB: That does sound exciting! I can shoot a bow and bake muffins. That doesn’t overshadow your powers! 


CB: What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

Shannon: Dude, coffee. I rarely eat food in the morning, but I NEVER miss my coffee! The world would implode if I did!

CB: Please, for the sake of all of humanity do not miss your coffee! I don’t like imploding. Set multiple reminders please!

#Bonus Question

CB: Do you have any questions for me?

Shannon: What werecreature would you be??? I have to know, since we’re fighting crime together and everything.

CB: Well, for the dynamic of the comic book and eventual movie franchise we normally would want to combine eagles with their natural symbiotic animal friend – the Clydesdale draft horse. They work so well together hunting their joint prey.

CB: Thinking on it though, that doesn’t lead itself naturally to internal conflict and strife, which is all the rage these days. The team dynamic would be more interesting if we paired a wereeagle with their natural foe in the Werecreature vs Undead bloodfued. As you already know, Eagles and Skeletons hate each other, but perhaps over time we will unite our races to face the real evil out there – Wereeagle Skeletons!

CB: Thanks for allowing me to interview you Shannon!

Shannon: Final Statement, if you wish.

Ummm . . . would live long and prosper be too nerdy?? 🙂

CB: No, I believe that is just nerdy enough. 😀

You can find Shannon’s Amazon Page and books here:

For a sample of the first chapter of Friends and Foes:

Here is the book blurb for Friends & Foes:

The people of Avalon think that Emery is a disgrace. They all have access to many forms of magic, but Emery has only one. Or that’s what they always believed.

After a brutal war, the new Queen of Avalon sends Emery to the human realm to find the last druid. Emery takes that mission eagerly, certain it’s a sign that, unlike everyone else, her mother may have some faith in her.

Her mission, to find Liam, the illegitimate son of the former king and bring him back to Avalon is no easy feat. Mercenaries are also searching for him, but the biggest problem for Emery, is the linked formed between them when Liam’s power touched her.

Now, she has to figure out what the truth is, who is right, who is wrong, who are friends…who are foes. Can she figure it out before something terrible happens?

Link to Friends & Foes

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Another Interview with Justin MacCormack

Today I am going to interview fellow author Justin MacCormack. Careful, there are naughty things in here not for the underage!!!


CB’s Interview Text Box: Hello Justin, and welcome to my crazy breakfast nook of the internet!

Justin’s Interview Text Box: Hello CB.

CB’s Interview Text Box: I will start right out with question number 1 as I believe that is how interviews start.

CB’s Interview Text Box: 1. I hear you are breaking new ground in your writing career and have decided to burst into a new genre of fiction. Can you tell us a little about that?

Justin’s Interview Text Box: Sure thing. With my new short novella “The Castle of Count Shagula”, I’m moving into the realm of terribly erotic smut. Now, the thing is that it’s not a massive change from my previous book “Hush!”, which was a collection of dark horror tales. With my new book and other forthcoming titles in the Monsterotica series, we are very strongly rooting the story in classic horror fiction. Some of the strongest influences to this new line of stories are the MGM classic horror movie monsters, given a new twist as hot male-on-male sexcapades. Oh dear. That sounds wrong. But oh so enjoyable.
CB’s Interview Text Box: I do like the sexcapades. But it is so hard to get tickets this time of year, and the arena needs to be so cold for the skaters. This will be a big help!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 2. You said there were other forthcoming stories? That means that these are going to be a series of books. So, Shagula will not the last classic horror monster we will see. Can you give us any hints about what other popular movie monsters are in line to receive the Monsterotica treatment?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: No.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Oh, alright then.
You can expect to see all the classics in this line-up. I’m currently polishing up a certain shambling behemoth of a creature stitched together by the demented count Wankenstein (you just can’t get puns like that anywhere else). And expect to hear the howl of the legendary queerwolf somewhere out on the moors as well.
CB’s Interview Text Box: Personally, I am waiting for the one when the monsters all get together and form an Alliance of Evil Intentions! 
CB’s Interview Text Box: 3. Okay, time for an important question. If you could have the power of any super hero, what would it be? Wait, sorry, I mean, If you could have any super power, what would it be? (Don’t want to exclude the Alliance of Evil Intentions, that would make this a silly question!)
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Oh I’m all for the classics. So I’d go for the power of Superman. None of your fancy silly modern-day superheroes for me, I’ll just stick with the basic flight. And super strength. And speed. And laser death ray vision. The classics never get old. Zap.
CB’s Interview Text Box: What?! Superman is the most overpowered superhero ever made, he can hear an alarm clock from over 30 light years away and get there in two panels! He is… I mean, interesting choice.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: He’s ludicrous, yeah. I wonder who would win in a fight between him and deus ex machina?
CB’s Interview Text Box: Superman, because his story arc isn’t like other super heroes but instead… well, that’s a whole different interview. We should probably get back to this one in fact.
CB’s Interview Text Box: 4. Can you tell us a little bit of what we can expect within The secretive walls of the great Castle Shagula?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Horror! Terror beyond the minds of mortal man! Darkness and wickedness! A bout of fear to last the ages! Also, there’s sex. Lots of sex. This is a gay erotica novel after all. You’ll get to meet a cast of very colourful characters. Our lead, Jonathan Woodock, is a young and naive Englishmen, sent to the castle on perfectly ordinary business. He is caught up in a web of seduction, and before he knows it he has set himself the task of rescuing the village from the Count’s sinister lust for young handsome men. But will Jonathan escape from the castle’s inhabitants? Will he survive Renfield, the masochistic sex-slave of Count Shagula? Probably will. It’s a series, after all.
CB’s Interview Text Box: Wait, I knew all of this. I read this already! This question was for you readers!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 5. What, excluding the awesomeness that is Monsterotica of course, do you have in your writing library?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: If you’d like to hear about non-LGBT erotica, I have two short stories available in collected anthologies. “Day of the Dead” and “Dark City” are both available later this month. They collect short dark tales from authors all around the south coast of England, and I’m honoured to be included among those numbers. I’ve had a chance to see the pieces contained and there’s a truly wonderful selection, so for all your fellow readers who have an interest in the Hampshire area of England, this may be of particular interest.
CB’s Interview Text Box: All good things to know!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 6. Recently I was reading a list of good interview questions to prepare for this interview. This one was on the list of suggested  questions and it made me laugh so I needed to include it. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Ooh, this book? “The Castle of Count Shagula” was a joy to write, and hopefully a joy for the readers as well. The hardest part though comes in the climax of the story. Naturally, I want there to be closure – our hero should come out on top. But when your main character’s such a bottom… well, you get the idea!
CB’s Interview Text Box: I might have some experience with that exact problem, yes.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: I bet 😉
CB’s Interview Text Box: 7. Okay, another good question I found. This one wasn’t on the author questions one, but instead was in the musicians one, and hey, we are all rock stars here right? Of course we are!What would the name of your band be, and what kind of music would they play? 
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Oh, uh, band? Well, I’m actually really partial to smooth jazz. So naturally I’d want a band name that’s bizarre and pretentious. Something like “The mismatched noun-verb combination”
CB’s Interview Text Box: The crowd would snap wildly after no doubt! Thunderous snaps!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 8. What was your favourite scene to write? For example, my favourite question to ask was question 4. Is your favourite scene a good one? Actually, Is it possible for you to share it will us so that we can get a sneak peak behind the cover of Castle Shagula?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Of course. I happen to think that this part was one of my favorites… 

The Expert’s Text Box:


I snapped awake quickly when I felt something particularly large squeezing into my buttcheeks.

I gave a sharp yelp, twisting my body around to try to see just what was going on. Good lord, I thought, I’d only been asleep for an hour and a half!

Over my shoulder, I caught sight of a familiar rugged shape. His hair was long, flowing and he clutched my round buttocks his strong fingers. His heavy stallion-like member inched deeper and deeper into me. I cried out, and caught a breath. “Raul?” I yelped.

The man paused, mid-thrust. “How do you know my name?”

I panted. His shaft felt good inside me. A rush of excitement twitched across my skin, making my nipples leap upwards. “Raul!” I called out. “Oh by all the tea in the empire, I’m so glad to see you! Don’t you remember me?”

Giving a quick pump of his hips, I heard his round orbs slap against my buttocks. “You’re our new guest” he said, “I’ve never met you before in my life.”

Suddenly, confusion started to swim around me. Was I dreaming? Surely this had to be a dream. All was hazy, even the bedsheets that I lay upon felt softer than they could ever be. I inhaled heavily. “Raul, we met in the village not a day ago!” I moaned, feeling his tip grind against my inner walls.

“Oh” he said, slowly. “That must be my little brother, Raul the stable-hand.” Lifting his hand from my waist, he patted his chest. “I’m Raul the woodcutter.”

I let my eyes slip closed. Two Rauls? “I must be in heaven” I whispered.

Spreading my legs wide until they were sticking right up in the air, Raul the woodcutter started to rock into me. “I see that the master has stretched you out” he replied.

I clutched my fingers against the bedsheets, tugging on them. “Damn those tentacles” I panted, feeling each thrust reverberating through me. “Are you a prisoner here too, Raul?”

His hands clutching around my ankles, he pushed them up until my feet connected with the wall. Raul grunted, pumping good and hard. “Actually,” he said, “the master has sent us here to make sure that you get to sleep without any trouble.”

“Without any trouble?” I called out. “I was asleep until you started shaggi- wait, hang on. Sent ‘us’?” I stuttered.

“That’s correct” came another voice, to my right.

I turned to look. There, kneeling beside Raul, was another beautiful and muscular youth with equally waving brown hair. He too was naked, and he held his considerable member as if it were a deadly weapon, a weapon of mass seduction.

Damn it all, that shaft looked so delicious.

“Who the dev- oww!” I gasped as Raul thrust particularly deep, “Who are you?” I barked.

“Raul” he said.

I looked from one of the handsome men to the other. “He’s Raul” I said, pointing to the one who was drilling me into the middle of next week.

The gentleman holding out his erection quite so temptingly smirked, and said “I’m Raul too.”

“Oh” I said. “Of course you are. Are you the leathercrafter?”

“No, no” he snorted, rubbing his brawny hands across my sweat-beaded chest. “I’m Raul the cabana boy.”

“Of course” I said, letting my fingers encircle around his heavy balls. “Makes perfect sense.”

“Shhh” he whispered. “You talk too much. Open your mouth.”

How could I resist such a charming offer?

When I had met Raul the day before, I would never have guessed that I would have been spit-roasted between two of him before the end of the week, not without considerable difficulty. But here I was, flexing my mouth as wide as I could to suck hard on one of those beautiful tower-long girths, while another drove all the way to the hilt inside me. Wet slapping and slurping sounds filled the air, filling the night with the echoing sounds of the music of homosexual buggery.

I moaned into Raul mark three’s girth, feeling tears of pleasure start to bristle in my eyes. I lay back, my legs high and twitching with each thrust.

“Got a hand?” another voice spoke.

I opened my eyes. Turning to the right, I caught sight of yet another exceedingly familiar figure.

“Let me guess” I said, letting Raul mark three’s shaft pop free from my mouth. “You’re also Raul?”

“What?” asked the handsome rugged identical man. “No, of course not.”

“You’re not?” I asked, my rump flexing around Raul 2.0’s thick wang.

“No” he said, “I’m Sven.”

CB’s Interview Text Box: 9. Speaking of covers (and what is under them) that is a lovely cover you have! Did you make it yourself or did CB Archer draw that for you? 😀
Justin’s Interview Text Box: I happen to know a friendly little elf who drew it for me. You may know him as well 😉
CB’s Interview Text Box: It’s that tramp Legolas again isn’t it! Why is he always showing up?! I mean, it is one thing to… oh… wait, no I drew that. I remember that being in the question now.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Yes, and a fantastic job on it too!
CB’s Interview Text Box: Awe, thanks!

CB’s Interview Text Box: Okay, and the final interview question that everybody needs to ask and has become so standard that everyone sees it coming!
10. Would you rather fight one swan the size of a rhinoceros, or twenty-seven rhinoceroses the size of a swan?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: …….. Uhhh
CB’s Thought Box: Oh Maker, I shouldn’t be allowed to interview people!
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Swans aren’t that small. And they’re quite vicious. I’d rather not fight either of them. Why are you making me fight these horrible monstrosities of nature?
CB’s Interview Text Box: They were on sale and we needed a last question!
Justin’s Interview Text Box: What kind of place sells swans the size of rhinos?
CB’s Interview Text Box: The same place that sells rhinos the size of swans! The same place that also offers free delivery!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 11. A bonus question before the swans come to rip us asunder… Do you have any questions for me?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Many questions, but they’re all about swans now. Instead, I’ll ask this – mister Archer, you have a series of books in the works right now. What upcoming secrets would you like to share with us?
CB’s Interview Text Box: I could see how your mind would go to swans now. It’s true. They are vicious and have a taste for meat now!
CB’s Interview Text Box: Well, the secret within The Anders’ Quest Series that I could give is a bit obvious to anyone that has read book 2, so we will skip that one and go for a secret within the Tales of Gentalia Series.
At the end of every Tale I have included a short disclaimer. My secret reveal is this. Ever since the very first one, there has been a giant lie in all of them. Every single one! What is that lie? Well, that’s the secret!
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Or you could just tell us…
CB’s Interview Text Box: I can’t because of the swans!!! Run!!! Save yourself!

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Author Interview – Justin MacCormack

Today we have an Author Interview, which are always fun!

Recently I read Twilight of the Faerie (Book 1: Spring) by Justin MacCormack. He has graciously agreed to do an interview with me. In a few days check back here and you will be able to see link to my answers to his questions!


CB: What was the spark for you? What made you decide to start writing novels?
Justin: I’ve been writing stories for as long as I remember. But by your teenage years, it’s not an especially ‘cool’ hobby, so I lost a lot of confidence in it. I continued to write, but didn’t share my work. That all changed when one day, while very bored at a new job, I penned a short horror story about the 80s Disney film “Return to Oz” and shared it with a coworker. He was so impressed with it that I had the confidence to post it online. A short while later, a popular YouTuber had posted a very dramatic reading of it on their YouTube channel, and it received very high praise. That gave me the confidence to push forward with making my work public. That story, and others I had written before I gained the confidence, are now part of my horror anthology “Return to ‘Return to Oz'”.

CB: What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?
Justin: The sleepless nights, the blood sweats, the tears, and emotional tantrums and the frequent bouts of gathering up drafts that just aren’t up to snuff and purging them in a giant fire. In all seriousness though, the doubts are definitely the hardest part. I’m never too sure if my work is up to the level of quality that I want, and even if it is I’m almost always in a state of near-panic as to if the audience will like it.

CB: How about the easiest? What part of writing do you just take like a pro?
Justin: Writing characters. People the world over have the same worries, the same hopes, the same fears. We fear not being good enough, we fear letting down those who are close to us. We hope for better things, we dream of adventure. Those are the things that make us all alike, no matter what our background is and what world we live in. That’s the part I love making the most. In my book “Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie”, I take a character who very few people could relate to (on account of him being, y’know, undead and all) and turn him into a character that the audience should love. Because if you can love a zombie, maybe people can love each other as well for a change?

CB: What feelings do you have deep down upon seeing Twilight of the Faerie published?
Justin: Utterly nerve-wracking! I’ve never attempted anything as big as this before. It’s a four-part epic. Hell, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and not be able to finish this! Yeesh! I think that each time I’m going to finish writing a book, I’m going to give a sigh of relief. So no, I don’t really have the chance to feel anything about it yet, not until the full series is completed and I can have a nice holiday!

CB: Can you tell us a little bit about Twilight of the Faerie?
Justin: Twilight of the Faerie is a four-part epic set in the land of the Fae, which is created from the dreams of humanity. It’s a land of endless possibilities, but also a land of infinite dangers. It is a land which is struggling to recover from a war to overthrow the chill forces of winter. It is a war that has been repeated many times before, each season overthrowing the previous and taking their time to rule.
But all of that is now at risk. Something alien is invading the realm, something utterly horrifying and impossible. The realm isn’t ready to defend itself from this threat. The only thing that can act to protect the lands of Fae are a group of four, each born of a different season, who have no reason to trust one another. Only together can these four prevent the force of eternal darkness that threatens to bring around the great twilight of the faerie.
Dramatic enough for ya?

CB: Is there a message you would like to convey with this story?
Justin: Sharp contrast and duality. The world of the Fae is the world of mortal dreaming, so it is rather different from most fantasy settings. Some parts are beautiful and breath-taking, other parts are grim and nightmarish. The reader will encounter chapters like this, which steer into the dark paths of the nightmare, or to the heights of blissful contented dreams. This, likewise, extends to the ruling courts who vie for control of the land. It even extends to the Fae themselves, who are torn between their noble and more cut-throat nature (their ‘seelie’ and ‘unseelie’ sides, if you will). The characters, likewise, struggle with duel loyalties and schemes.

CB: Tell us a little about Niamh. (I know she wasn’t the protagonist of the book, but she was my favourite.) What makes her unique?
Justin: She is awesome, isn’t she? I’d think that she’s certainly one of the protagonists, one of the main four at very least. But yes, Niamh is the youngest of three sisters, and the one who is the most gifted in the magical arts. She is utterly loyal to the winter court, a faction who most of the Fae consider to be ‘evil’. Her loyalty and dedication to her duty are genuinely noble, and it’s through her that the reader come to realise that the battle-lines drawn around the Fae realms are not as clear-cut as they first appear. As a character herself, Niamh is extremely resourceful. In some ways she is very naive, but in other ways she is extremely wise. Her background has made her very much a survivor, and I think that’s something that makes her stand out to the reader. Each fae embodies a different aspect, and is the embodiment of the cold chill of winter, the breath that clouds as it leaves your lips – see if you can find out why.

CB: Besides Twilight of the Faerie, you have published a number of books. Would you like to tell us about your other novels?
Justin: I have several collections of short dark fantasy and horror stories. If you like the grim and grizzly, I’m especially proud of my first one of these, “Return to ‘Return to Oz'”.
In addition, I have a young adult LGBT coming-of-age comedy “Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie”, which is… well, you can probably guess from the title.
Lastly, there’s the book I’m working on at the moment. “Scrolls of Etheria” is a comical fantasy epic set inside an MMORPG, with a great cast of characters who I’ve grown to love. This book is dedicated to the memory of Terry Pratchett, and profits raised will be donated to fight Alzheimers. More details on that one later, so stay tuned.

CB: Okay, it is time to come clean: Twilight of the Faerie has lesbian fae in it doesn’t it?
Justin: Correction – it has TWO lesbian fae! The first book in this series is very much a journey of self-discovery. I want to write about characters who are true to themselves, and when I realised that the two characters that you’re discussing were a perfect couple, I couldn’t let anything stand between them.

CB: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Justin: Write something that you love. But for the love of whatever respective deity is present, don’t just write the same thing as everyone else. Don’t just write another of the same as everyone else has made. Find what makes your story unique and play with that! Most of all, love your work.

That is it for the interview! thank you for participating Justin!

Justin’s latest Book can be found on Amazon:

His website is here:

Be sure and check out Twilight of the Faerie and Justin’s other books! Be sure and stay turned by my interview reply!

My interview with Justin is now up on his blog! (Well it has been for a bit actually, but I sort of forgot the internet existed for a few weeks or so! Bad CB!)

Author Interview: Jenycka Wolfe

Today we have my second author interview. This time there is a slight twist on the interview, as it is an interview of another naughty author! Making the questions 100% more naughty!

Jenycka Wolfe is the author of The Wildlanders Series, which I will admit are pretty sexy, even if they include girl bits! 😀

CB: What was the naughty spark for you? What made you decide to start writing sexy novels?

I always knew I wanted to write. I used to tell my sisters stories at night before we went to sleep. I acted out plays with my Barbie dolls. I scrawled out angst-ridden teenage poetry during high school math class (barely passed). I went to school for literature and then creative writing. Since university ended, I’ve done a lot of different stuff, trying to make a living, and in my spare time I experimented with different genres, waiting for what would click and move things forward. Then I realized that I was ignoring the most basic advice of all: write what you read. Yeah, I have two degrees, but the fact is, I like reading about sex. Who doesn’t? So I started to write about it. And it clicked. Ava’s story (Wildlander’s Woman) fell together incredibly quickly.

CB: What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

I want to move too quickly sometimes. I wrote Wildlander’s Womanin less than three months. I regret that now, and I wish I’d have taken longer and worked out more details of the world-building ahead of time. I get so absorbed in the story I want to pound it out without thinking too much about details. I’m forcing myself to take a LOT more time with the next one in the Wildlands series, Arcadian’s Balm. I’m not giving a release date until I’m in the very final edits.

CB: How about the easiest? What part of writing do you just take like a pro?

Writing the sex. Just kidding. Well, maybe that is the easiest. Sex is fun to write. Day-to-day interactions between the characters are fun to write. I usually write a lot more scenes than end up in the finished novel.

CB: What feelings do you have deep down upon seeing your project published?

The first one was a lot of fear. Am I really doing this? I grew up in a very conservative part of the country, a very conservative family, and I’m doing something that would shock the hell out of most of the people who know me (hence the pseudonym… yeah, my mom didn’t name me Jenycka). But I was proud, too. I’m doing what I love to do. Taking a step into the world I’ve always wanted to be a part of. And we’ll see where it takes me.

CB: Tell us a little about Ava. What makes her unique?

Ava’s the woman who doesn’t quite belong in the world she grew up in. She’s too big, not pretty enough, too opinionated, and doesn’t feel or think the right things. So when she has a chance encounter with the Wildlander warrior Blaise, who is the polar opposite of the conservative, by-the-book, prim-and-proper types in her world, she’s incredibly drawn to him. He represents her longing for something that she doesn’t really understand. It’s freedom from the constraints of her society. But her society is all she knows, so it hurts like hell when she’s banished. The fact that she gets to go to Blaise is certainly a balm to her wounds, though her happiness is short-lived when she realizes exactly how different the Wildlands are from her own Arcadian society. Blaise won’t be her only husband. She’ll have four. And, as we can understand, she doesn’t always react well. She gets angry. She gets frustrated. She gets frightened. She turns to substance abuse to try and deal with her emotional turmoil. She makes some really stupid decisions. But in the end, she comes to embrace this new life, and she realizes that she really does belong here. In Arcadian’s Balm, we’ll see a lot more of Ava, and we’ll find out that she has an incredibly important role to play in the future of the Wildlands.

CB: So I understand that there is not only girls kissing boys in your novels, but also boys kissing boys. Care to explain yourself? (In detail if possible.)

So here we get to the good stuff, huh? I wanted to portray a world where sexual binaries aren’t set in stone. Sexuality is a fluid thing (Kinsey scale), and even though our own society is coming to embrace this at least a little more, we still have a long ways to go. And we always have to label it. You’re ‘straight’. Or ‘gay’. Or ‘bisexual’. Or ‘pansexual’. Have I missed any? I wanted to show a world where people (consenting adults) love one another, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be labelled. It’s not a free-for-all. Since this is a world where not enough female babies are born, there is a strict system of family groups (Clans) of usually 2-5 people (usually one female, the rest males), and once you’ve joined one, that’s it. You keep your naughty activities to those folks only. So it’s smart to join a Clan where you love the people in it. But gender is not important when it comes to sex within the Clan. And I’ve read menage stories before where a bunch of dudes are all doing the same woman, sometimes at the same time, and they’re all ok with their balls pretty much touching but somehow they’re not at all attracted to each other? Yeah, no. Let’s just be honest here.
CB: What made you decide to write about a woman’s journey through a sea of man muscles?

Um… I’m female and I like man muscles. Fantasy fulfillment. I chose those four particular characters as Ava’s four mates because each of them represents something to her that she needs. Blaise is her leader, and he leads/pushes her into the places she needed, but was afraid, to go. Jodah makes her feel safe, and he’s the first one to make her really believe she’s loved. Daven brings laughter and levity to her life. He teaches her to relax and just enjoy. And Killian brings gentleness and compassion. Through the novel, and through the subsequent novels, we do and will see what they bring to one another as well. These aren’t just stories about one woman and her hunky men. There’s also strong elements of those hunky men with one another, because, well, YUMMY!

CB: Is there a message you would like to convey with this story?

I have a pretty strong anti-capitalist bent going in there. But that’s not really the message I’m concerned about. I want readers to understand that there’s a greater good in their lives beyond themselves, and fight for that. Like, there’s a point where Ava realizes that Blaise won’t give up everything for her, because he loves his people and his community and he has a duty to them as well. And that’s the moment that she finds her place and knows she’s home.

CB: Seriously, there are boys kissing in this, so can you tell us who is the best kisser?

Yes, there are boys kissing. And fucking, because I know that’s what you’re looking for. I don’t know who the best kisser is. Daven was probably the biggest slut back in the day, if that helps. I make a point of showing individual relationships within the Clans themselves. For instance, in Ava’s Clan, the two youngest members, Daven and Killian, were lovers for years before they joined the Clan. Even after Ava, they have a bond between the two of them that nobody else can touch. In Arcadian’s Balm, I delve even further into the relationships between male members of the Clan. There will be more sex just between guys, because it’s awesome and hot. Guys are lucky… they have more stuff to play with. So there’s more variety in writing gay sex. And the lucky bastards always get off. In Arcadian’s Balm, Ava’s sister Lorien shows up in the Wildlands, and she joins a Clan that is newly formed. Tomis and Gevaril were lovers once, until Gevaril’s selfishness drove them apart. Now circumstances have forced them to Clan, and they have to sort out their differences for the sake of Lorien, as well as their other mate, Cale. So the focus of Arcadian’s Balm is as much on the relationship between Tomis and Gevaril as it is on that of Lorien with the men. Tomis is bitterly angry. Gevaril is very contrite, but getting damned sick of Tomis’s recriminations, and knows that there’s still enough love there for them to get past things and be really happy if Tomis would just accept his apologies and work to move on. Lorien, devastated by her own losses, is desperate for everyone to get along so they can try to heal together. Cale sees a chance for Gevaril and Tomis to become better men, if they can learn from their mistakes, but knows that they’re both incredibly stubborn. So there’s a lot of hurt there, and a lot of complicated relationship dynamics at play. Add in a few terrifying Dark creatures, a journey through the mountains, and some seriously hot sex in the woods, and we have ourselves a pretty good time.

CB: What advice would you give aspiring authors? (It can be advice about kissing boys if you wish.)

Write what you like to read. Write the book you want to read. If something turns you on, it’s likely that there’s someone else who also likes it. Also, don’t be afraid of new directions. I never expected to develop a gay fan base. But I have. And I love it! So yeah, I’m tooling my work a bit to appeal more to those who enjoy reading about boys kissing one another. And yeah, I know that it’s not just boys who like to read about boys kissing. Girls like to read that too. I love to read about boys kissing. And watch boys kissing. (Oh, if only there were a place where I could find pictures of boys kissing….) And write about boys kissing. And kiss boys myself.

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to Jenycka. You can read all about her fantastic novels or contact her here. – Be sure and check out her site (just in general) and in a few days to read my naughty interview answers!

Author Interview: Hayden D. Linder

In a shocking turn of events I have decided to start doing Author Interviews! I put out a call to arms for anyone who was brave enough to post an author interview on my blog.

A simple ten questions to help spread the word of another wonderful author.

My first ever author interview is for Hayden Linder, author of The Hand of Death. While Hayden does not write in the Elfrotica Genre, (because I am the only one thus far that actually does) let’s give him a big hand for being brave enough to be here anyways! 🙂 For appearing on my blog he has received a special gift! Fan Art! My original description of this book from Hayden was ‘Wizards & Ninjas’, so naturally I needed to draw the ‘Wizard Ninja’ whom I imagine is in this book at some point!

I have read the first few chapters so far and I quite like where it is going so far! This would be a book I would read if my time wasn’t currently taken up by sexy elf boys!

First some Book info.

The Hand of Death – by Hayden D. Linder

The hand of death

In the mythical land of Giapan, most young boys dream of becoming brave samurai or great masters of magic, the Onmyoji, who can heal as well as engulf cities in flame with but a gesture. But not Shotoku Hiro. Hiro only wanted to see the city outside the walls of the castle. To see what went on somewhere, anywhere other than the samurai district of Shiro Goemon. And once he worked up the courage to actually do that… no one could have guessed where it would take him.

The Hand of Death is a Fantasy novel set in a land not unlike feudal Japan. The story follows a young boy’s journey as the only son of a distinguished samurai who is pushed onto the path of Ninjutsu. A path that, in the golden land of Giapan, can lead to some very frightening places. And Giapan is nothing if not frightening.

Sounds good right?

Now, onward to some questions!

CB: What was the spark for you? What made you start to write?

Hayden: You know, I don’t think I’d call it a “spark.” It was so slow to manifest that “shambling sloth sleepwalking towards the fire” is probably a better description. I have always been a daydreamer. It’s how I decompress from the work day or any other stressful situation. At some point I realized I had been daydreaming about the same stuff  for months and had bumbled across enough dialogue, settings, and action scenes that I could probably make a book out of them.

CB: What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Hayden: “Writing” is the hardest part of writing.:)

CB: How about the easiest? What part of being a writer do you excel at?

Hayden: Dreaming it up. That part is cake. But I excel at continuity. Part of being a dreamer is that I like to play the same scenes over and over again in my head. It’s part of why I am NOT a fast reader. If I come across a particularly good part of a book I have to go back and read it two or three times. I do the same thing with the scenes in my stories and one of the nice bonuses from this is that I pick up on storyline errors I missed earlier.

CB: What feelings do you have upon seeing your project published?

Hayden: Mostly a desire to rest. There was the feeling of accomplishment but only because I knew I had put in the work to make it a legitimate piece of literature.

CB: Tell us a little about your main character. What makes them unique?

Hayden: The main character, Hiro, is very dangerous though he is not as deep as the rest of the cast. He is just the window through which you view his world. And “The Cast” of the story is quite large. The setting is dark and so many of the cast have a dark sense of humor.

CB: I understand that there are both Wizards and Ninjas in The Hand of Death, but what I think everyone wants to know is this: Are there any Ninja Wizards in this novel, or alternately Wizard Ninjas? 

Hayden: No. Sorry. It is a feudal setting and the lords of the great Houses decide who gets what for training. They would never allow a child with the ability to do magic, risk their lives in the Ninja school.

CB: What made you decide to write about feudal Japan?

Hayden: It was actually just the dreams that I had stuck in my head at the time. I grew up on ninja flicks back in the 80’s and so, me running around as the scary SUPERNINJA has always been one of my favorite daydreams. Nothing says “stress relief” like chocking your boss to death with a gusari chain.

CB: Is there a message you would like to convey with this story?

Hayden: Yes. Stand for something more than yourself.

CB: What authors do you feel inspire/inspired you to write?

Hayden: That’s always a tough question. There are so many. I very fond of Dostoyevsky. His character depth blows everyone else away. In “The Brothers Karamazov” he would have people do things that would make you say, “No one would do that!” and then a few pages later you would learn more about them and say, “Oh. Yeah. I guess I can see that.”

CB: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Hayden: Be sure you write for yourself. Then any success you have is just gravy.

That is all the questions I have, I was a little upset to find out there where no hybrid Ninja/Wizards but I am still holding onto the dream of there being a super boss Ninja Wizard antagonist in this novel. (Spoilers after all)

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Hayden Linder and Family

Hayden D. Linder and children.

From left to right; Vivian, Hayden, Felix, Lee and my eldest, Chuy.