Month: October 2016

Apocalypse Wow 2: Apocalypse Wower – A Review

The second book in the Apocalypse Wow series has an absolutely lovely cover! Truly stunning.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free after I designed the cover for free. The decision to review it was mine!

This was my favourite book thus far in the series, and it was for more than just the cover (although that was a part of it)! Ben really can smack you with irreverence, but not in the bad way. The random helps this story helps to keep you questioning what is real and what isn’t and that helps to keep you turning the pages. It isn’t serious. It doesn’t have to be. It can be about the end of the world, and it can be about juice boxes, skeletal Mounties, and mac n’ cheese at the same time. It’s okay.

He got a bonus star for it being so different than other things.

Oh, and thank you for having more strong female characters in this one! Also, great cover man!

5 Skeletal Mounties out of 5!

Another Interview with Justin MacCormack

Today I am going to interview fellow author Justin MacCormack. Careful, there are naughty things in here not for the underage!!!


CB’s Interview Text Box: Hello Justin, and welcome to my crazy breakfast nook of the internet!

Justin’s Interview Text Box: Hello CB.

CB’s Interview Text Box: I will start right out with question number 1 as I believe that is how interviews start.

CB’s Interview Text Box: 1. I hear you are breaking new ground in your writing career and have decided to burst into a new genre of fiction. Can you tell us a little about that?

Justin’s Interview Text Box: Sure thing. With my new short novella “The Castle of Count Shagula”, I’m moving into the realm of terribly erotic smut. Now, the thing is that it’s not a massive change from my previous book “Hush!”, which was a collection of dark horror tales. With my new book and other forthcoming titles in the Monsterotica series, we are very strongly rooting the story in classic horror fiction. Some of the strongest influences to this new line of stories are the MGM classic horror movie monsters, given a new twist as hot male-on-male sexcapades. Oh dear. That sounds wrong. But oh so enjoyable.
CB’s Interview Text Box: I do like the sexcapades. But it is so hard to get tickets this time of year, and the arena needs to be so cold for the skaters. This will be a big help!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 2. You said there were other forthcoming stories? That means that these are going to be a series of books. So, Shagula will not the last classic horror monster we will see. Can you give us any hints about what other popular movie monsters are in line to receive the Monsterotica treatment?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: No.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Oh, alright then.
You can expect to see all the classics in this line-up. I’m currently polishing up a certain shambling behemoth of a creature stitched together by the demented count Wankenstein (you just can’t get puns like that anywhere else). And expect to hear the howl of the legendary queerwolf somewhere out on the moors as well.
CB’s Interview Text Box: Personally, I am waiting for the one when the monsters all get together and form an Alliance of Evil Intentions! 
CB’s Interview Text Box: 3. Okay, time for an important question. If you could have the power of any super hero, what would it be? Wait, sorry, I mean, If you could have any super power, what would it be? (Don’t want to exclude the Alliance of Evil Intentions, that would make this a silly question!)
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Oh I’m all for the classics. So I’d go for the power of Superman. None of your fancy silly modern-day superheroes for me, I’ll just stick with the basic flight. And super strength. And speed. And laser death ray vision. The classics never get old. Zap.
CB’s Interview Text Box: What?! Superman is the most overpowered superhero ever made, he can hear an alarm clock from over 30 light years away and get there in two panels! He is… I mean, interesting choice.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: He’s ludicrous, yeah. I wonder who would win in a fight between him and deus ex machina?
CB’s Interview Text Box: Superman, because his story arc isn’t like other super heroes but instead… well, that’s a whole different interview. We should probably get back to this one in fact.
CB’s Interview Text Box: 4. Can you tell us a little bit of what we can expect within The secretive walls of the great Castle Shagula?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Horror! Terror beyond the minds of mortal man! Darkness and wickedness! A bout of fear to last the ages! Also, there’s sex. Lots of sex. This is a gay erotica novel after all. You’ll get to meet a cast of very colourful characters. Our lead, Jonathan Woodock, is a young and naive Englishmen, sent to the castle on perfectly ordinary business. He is caught up in a web of seduction, and before he knows it he has set himself the task of rescuing the village from the Count’s sinister lust for young handsome men. But will Jonathan escape from the castle’s inhabitants? Will he survive Renfield, the masochistic sex-slave of Count Shagula? Probably will. It’s a series, after all.
CB’s Interview Text Box: Wait, I knew all of this. I read this already! This question was for you readers!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 5. What, excluding the awesomeness that is Monsterotica of course, do you have in your writing library?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: If you’d like to hear about non-LGBT erotica, I have two short stories available in collected anthologies. “Day of the Dead” and “Dark City” are both available later this month. They collect short dark tales from authors all around the south coast of England, and I’m honoured to be included among those numbers. I’ve had a chance to see the pieces contained and there’s a truly wonderful selection, so for all your fellow readers who have an interest in the Hampshire area of England, this may be of particular interest.
CB’s Interview Text Box: All good things to know!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 6. Recently I was reading a list of good interview questions to prepare for this interview. This one was on the list of suggested  questions and it made me laugh so I needed to include it. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Ooh, this book? “The Castle of Count Shagula” was a joy to write, and hopefully a joy for the readers as well. The hardest part though comes in the climax of the story. Naturally, I want there to be closure – our hero should come out on top. But when your main character’s such a bottom… well, you get the idea!
CB’s Interview Text Box: I might have some experience with that exact problem, yes.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: I bet 😉
CB’s Interview Text Box: 7. Okay, another good question I found. This one wasn’t on the author questions one, but instead was in the musicians one, and hey, we are all rock stars here right? Of course we are!What would the name of your band be, and what kind of music would they play? 
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Oh, uh, band? Well, I’m actually really partial to smooth jazz. So naturally I’d want a band name that’s bizarre and pretentious. Something like “The mismatched noun-verb combination”
CB’s Interview Text Box: The crowd would snap wildly after no doubt! Thunderous snaps!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 8. What was your favourite scene to write? For example, my favourite question to ask was question 4. Is your favourite scene a good one? Actually, Is it possible for you to share it will us so that we can get a sneak peak behind the cover of Castle Shagula?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Of course. I happen to think that this part was one of my favorites… 

The Expert’s Text Box:


I snapped awake quickly when I felt something particularly large squeezing into my buttcheeks.

I gave a sharp yelp, twisting my body around to try to see just what was going on. Good lord, I thought, I’d only been asleep for an hour and a half!

Over my shoulder, I caught sight of a familiar rugged shape. His hair was long, flowing and he clutched my round buttocks his strong fingers. His heavy stallion-like member inched deeper and deeper into me. I cried out, and caught a breath. “Raul?” I yelped.

The man paused, mid-thrust. “How do you know my name?”

I panted. His shaft felt good inside me. A rush of excitement twitched across my skin, making my nipples leap upwards. “Raul!” I called out. “Oh by all the tea in the empire, I’m so glad to see you! Don’t you remember me?”

Giving a quick pump of his hips, I heard his round orbs slap against my buttocks. “You’re our new guest” he said, “I’ve never met you before in my life.”

Suddenly, confusion started to swim around me. Was I dreaming? Surely this had to be a dream. All was hazy, even the bedsheets that I lay upon felt softer than they could ever be. I inhaled heavily. “Raul, we met in the village not a day ago!” I moaned, feeling his tip grind against my inner walls.

“Oh” he said, slowly. “That must be my little brother, Raul the stable-hand.” Lifting his hand from my waist, he patted his chest. “I’m Raul the woodcutter.”

I let my eyes slip closed. Two Rauls? “I must be in heaven” I whispered.

Spreading my legs wide until they were sticking right up in the air, Raul the woodcutter started to rock into me. “I see that the master has stretched you out” he replied.

I clutched my fingers against the bedsheets, tugging on them. “Damn those tentacles” I panted, feeling each thrust reverberating through me. “Are you a prisoner here too, Raul?”

His hands clutching around my ankles, he pushed them up until my feet connected with the wall. Raul grunted, pumping good and hard. “Actually,” he said, “the master has sent us here to make sure that you get to sleep without any trouble.”

“Without any trouble?” I called out. “I was asleep until you started shaggi- wait, hang on. Sent ‘us’?” I stuttered.

“That’s correct” came another voice, to my right.

I turned to look. There, kneeling beside Raul, was another beautiful and muscular youth with equally waving brown hair. He too was naked, and he held his considerable member as if it were a deadly weapon, a weapon of mass seduction.

Damn it all, that shaft looked so delicious.

“Who the dev- oww!” I gasped as Raul thrust particularly deep, “Who are you?” I barked.

“Raul” he said.

I looked from one of the handsome men to the other. “He’s Raul” I said, pointing to the one who was drilling me into the middle of next week.

The gentleman holding out his erection quite so temptingly smirked, and said “I’m Raul too.”

“Oh” I said. “Of course you are. Are you the leathercrafter?”

“No, no” he snorted, rubbing his brawny hands across my sweat-beaded chest. “I’m Raul the cabana boy.”

“Of course” I said, letting my fingers encircle around his heavy balls. “Makes perfect sense.”

“Shhh” he whispered. “You talk too much. Open your mouth.”

How could I resist such a charming offer?

When I had met Raul the day before, I would never have guessed that I would have been spit-roasted between two of him before the end of the week, not without considerable difficulty. But here I was, flexing my mouth as wide as I could to suck hard on one of those beautiful tower-long girths, while another drove all the way to the hilt inside me. Wet slapping and slurping sounds filled the air, filling the night with the echoing sounds of the music of homosexual buggery.

I moaned into Raul mark three’s girth, feeling tears of pleasure start to bristle in my eyes. I lay back, my legs high and twitching with each thrust.

“Got a hand?” another voice spoke.

I opened my eyes. Turning to the right, I caught sight of yet another exceedingly familiar figure.

“Let me guess” I said, letting Raul mark three’s shaft pop free from my mouth. “You’re also Raul?”

“What?” asked the handsome rugged identical man. “No, of course not.”

“You’re not?” I asked, my rump flexing around Raul 2.0’s thick wang.

“No” he said, “I’m Sven.”

CB’s Interview Text Box: 9. Speaking of covers (and what is under them) that is a lovely cover you have! Did you make it yourself or did CB Archer draw that for you? 😀
Justin’s Interview Text Box: I happen to know a friendly little elf who drew it for me. You may know him as well 😉
CB’s Interview Text Box: It’s that tramp Legolas again isn’t it! Why is he always showing up?! I mean, it is one thing to… oh… wait, no I drew that. I remember that being in the question now.
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Yes, and a fantastic job on it too!
CB’s Interview Text Box: Awe, thanks!

CB’s Interview Text Box: Okay, and the final interview question that everybody needs to ask and has become so standard that everyone sees it coming!
10. Would you rather fight one swan the size of a rhinoceros, or twenty-seven rhinoceroses the size of a swan?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: …….. Uhhh
CB’s Thought Box: Oh Maker, I shouldn’t be allowed to interview people!
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Swans aren’t that small. And they’re quite vicious. I’d rather not fight either of them. Why are you making me fight these horrible monstrosities of nature?
CB’s Interview Text Box: They were on sale and we needed a last question!
Justin’s Interview Text Box: What kind of place sells swans the size of rhinos?
CB’s Interview Text Box: The same place that sells rhinos the size of swans! The same place that also offers free delivery!
CB’s Interview Text Box: 11. A bonus question before the swans come to rip us asunder… Do you have any questions for me?
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Many questions, but they’re all about swans now. Instead, I’ll ask this – mister Archer, you have a series of books in the works right now. What upcoming secrets would you like to share with us?
CB’s Interview Text Box: I could see how your mind would go to swans now. It’s true. They are vicious and have a taste for meat now!
CB’s Interview Text Box: Well, the secret within The Anders’ Quest Series that I could give is a bit obvious to anyone that has read book 2, so we will skip that one and go for a secret within the Tales of Gentalia Series.
At the end of every Tale I have included a short disclaimer. My secret reveal is this. Ever since the very first one, there has been a giant lie in all of them. Every single one! What is that lie? Well, that’s the secret!
Justin’s Interview Text Box: Or you could just tell us…
CB’s Interview Text Box: I can’t because of the swans!!! Run!!! Save yourself!

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A Shot at the Big Time: A Maxima City Talent Novel – A Review

Suspense! Spandex! Computer Repair!

All of those exciting things and more await you within this book! Christina blends together a great narrative, believable characters, and her trademark wit into this story and it never falters. The bizarre characters go great together, and they are over the top and zany in all of the right ways. Only ‘talents’ could be this over the top and be believable, which was a great pleasure to read.

The whole thing was so wonderfully bizarre and mixed the absurd with the realistic troubles that would happen to super heroes and villains. It felt like the old timers in the background scenes were from The Tick, and this was the legacy they left. This crazy, fun, wacky legacy!

I started to read this and couldn’t put it down, like literally. The digital pages were made of glue or something. I had to finish it right away, so I am a little sad it is over, but then again I know what happens now so I regret nothing.

Also, pockets. What up with that?

 This book was written by Christina Mcmullen who you can find on Goodreads here: Clicky!
Or you can grab it here on Amazon!

The First Act – A Review

I decided something, why not put Book Reviews that I do on this site? So here is the latest book I reviewed!

The First Act, by Vanessa Mulberry. Which is available on Amazon here: Book Clicky Linky!

This was a touching read that wasn’t like other books in the genre. There was a lot of tenderness to the main characters in this book, and it reminded me of the starting book of some really fantastic series I have read with m/m elements. I don’t like to brag, but I am a bit of a master of foreshadowing, it is like my mutant power, and it really felt like this was the start of a new series. It didn’t say so in the book, but personally I think there will be more of Richard and William to come! It really felt like this to me, so I will be watching for… The Second Act, which is my guess at the name of book two which features more of the new relationship, and some more spy times!

I thought the dynamics were good, even with a bit of a triangle going, it wasn’t ham fisted and what would probably happen to real people. Also, Sam was my favourite. Yes, he wasn’t in it that much, but I want more Sam please.

And speaking of to come, thank you for not fading to black! Let’s see more of that please!

Introducing: Crafting: Series 2!

Introducing the second series of official Annals of Gentalia merchandise!

If you want one, either help me promote big events and you can win them, or ask me about them special. Two can fit in an envelope for less shipping cost! They cost $8 each, but the shipping costs the same for 2, so get two. Treat yourself.

They make lovely Ornaments, on like trees, or on rear-view mirrors and stuff!

Series Two: The Second Season!

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Caela Perler!

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Series One: The First of the Trilogy!

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