A Shot at the Big Time: A Maxima City Talent Novel – A Review

Suspense! Spandex! Computer Repair!

All of those exciting things and more await you within this book! Christina blends together a great narrative, believable characters, and her trademark wit into this story and it never falters. The bizarre characters go great together, and they are over the top and zany in all of the right ways. Only ‘talents’ could be this over the top and be believable, which was a great pleasure to read.

The whole thing was so wonderfully bizarre and mixed the absurd with the realistic troubles that would happen to super heroes and villains. It felt like the old timers in the background scenes were from The Tick, and this was the legacy they left. This crazy, fun, wacky legacy!

I started to read this and couldn’t put it down, like literally. The digital pages were made of glue or something. I had to finish it right away, so I am a little sad it is over, but then again I know what happens now so I regret nothing.

Also, pockets. What up with that?

 This book was written by Christina Mcmullen who you can find on Goodreads here: Clicky!
Or you can grab it here on Amazon!

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