The Plot Critter Adoption Agency

Plot Critters often get abandoned. It is super sad! We here at the Plot Critter Adoption Agency want to provide homes for all of these poor critters!

We have some successful adoptions to date, and hopefully more to come! If you want to claim one, all you need to do is make up a backstory and a name!

Successful Adoptions have already happened!

Plot critter adoptions

Name: 2nd Place Bunny
Adopter: Riley Amos Westbrook

The rabbit that lost to the tortoise, Second Place Bunny was filled with an insufferable rage. The hare couldn’t take the taunts of the other animals after his loss, going on a vicious killing spree to appease his anger. Their blood only seemed to fan its flames. After a trial in which he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, he spent many years in therapy attempting to rid himself of the rage, but his attempts bore no fruit. Still, he managed to fake his way to a release from the mental institute.
After an immeasurable amount of time spent wandering in a drug fueled addled rage, he set up camp outside of a cave. Here he became a feared creature, known for drinking his victims blood.
He spent years defending his cave from adventurers, using their bones to make a comfortable bed. He was finally slain when someone blew him up with a holy hand grenade. Or did they?

I bet they will be happy together! 😀

Plot critter adoptions

Name: Mephyr
Adopter: Nat Kennedy

This is Mephyr. He has been in the Cirque du Chat for years as an understudy to the trapeze. He never quite got the sailing through the air thing. Then a trickster kitty named Mogg, showed up and cast a spell on Mephyr and gave him wings!

At first, Mephyr was ostracized and chased about. Mogg laughed at the havoc he cast. The other kitties tried to kick him out of the circus because they thought the visiting kitties would laugh and call him names and not come to the circus anymore. The kitties would get no more tuna!

But, the other kitties actually liked the strange winged fairy kitty in the trapeze and the tuna entrance fee came in by the truckload!

Mephyr went to thank Mogg, who had a egotistical smirk on his face, but soon the smirk vanished when Mephyr pounced Mogg and gave him lots of kitty kisses.

So… that’s the backstory, now comes the hot steamy….

I am sure they will be happy together!

Here is our latest critter to adopt. This dapper plot whale! Let me know if you needs to adopt them!