Month: March 2016

#SIAFBB ~ Spring Into Indie Free and Bargain Book Event

This Friday, on the most foolish of April days, more than forty authors (One of those is myself) from the Support Indie Authors Goodreads group present the Spring Into Indie Free and Bargain Book Event. Over 65 (One of those is mine) books in a variety of genres (including Elfrotica) will be available to download for free (Mine is free) or on sale for just 99¢. Best of all, we’ve gathered all of the links on one conveniently located website. and get ready to load up your kindle with these great deals (including Vambrace: Keaton Clarke’s Tale).

(Just look at that snazzy banner that the talented myself made for this fun event!) 

Until then, you can learn more about these talented authors and the books they are offering by clicking on the links below:… (My interview is here! And a different fun banner I also made! What fun.)…


Fan Art for those that have… some

It has been awhile, but I finished reading a book and fan art happened. This time the fan art was for someone that I had already made some for, but what the flaming pit, why not! Green glowing death dogs don’t happen every day!

Here is fan art for Christina McMullen‘s book, Going Green.

Draw Somethingesk Cards


And for those that have none!

The Going Green Fan Art has started the thread back up, so a new request happened. Here is fan art for Red Shadow – a book by Zoltán Pósfai .

Draw Somethingesk Cards

And fan art for Robots Like Blue by Anthony J. Deeney!

Draw Somethingesk Cards