Annals of Gentalia Novels & Projects

The Anders’ Quest Series

One elf’s three book journey though the sexually charged MMORPG world of Gentalia. These books will fulfill all of your monster banging needs and are mostly m/m content!

Tales of Gentalia

Little tastes of Gentalia. Tornado Tech has worked on more games than their MMORPG Annals of Gentalia. Could these other games have been sexually corrupted as well? (Of course they could be! Otherwise the stories would be horribly dull!)

These tales are stand alone, but they share some common themes and there might just be a secret story hidden in them if you read them all! A cameo character (or two) from The Anders’ Quest Series shows up in each Tale to help share some of their gaming backstory.

Tales are always free with Kindle Unlimited #KindleUnlimited, but will be #AmazonGiveaway free on selected dates for everyone. Check back here for the free dates.

  • Slime Pop! Saga: ????’s Tale – In Concept Development!


  • Flaming Pit Raiders – Stuck in Development Hell (permanently as this one is a joke)!