Month: February 2016

Apocalypse Wow 2: Apocalypse Wower – Cover

Just a few days after releasing my own Elfrotica book with a retro cover, I met a new friend with a similar interests as myself. (In retro video game covers, not in Elfrotica)

He needed some help with an idea, so I wiped up this cover!

I wish you all the luck out there on your books Ben Mariner!

Here is a link to the first book in the series, it looks pretty interesting actually.

Vambrace – Blurb

Vambrace is coming together nicely for its February release. The latest step completed is the Blurb.Let me know what you think!

A vintage game remastered.

A retro boss looming.

A cocky player annoyed.

Industry Giant Tornado Tech has finally released a new version of their breakout arcade game hit Vambrace and Keaton Clarke is primed and ready to play it hard all night long. Every nook must be delved into as deep as possible and Keaton Clarke is just the gaming master to do it.

But not all games are created equal and Vambrace hides a terrible sensual secret within its coding. The game pulls off the gauntlet to challenge Keaton, the self described master of all things Vambrace, directly and he needs to be ready for an entire new kind of challenge, whether he wants to take it on or not.

As the digital labyrinth falls into pixelated panic an important question remains unanswered. What kind of retro game experience would secretly plot against its own players? More importantly to Keaton is his own personal question, “What do you mean this story isn’t all about me?”

Warning: Contains m/m situations and pixelated monster banging.

Welcome to Gentalia, a land of magic, excitement, and elfbutt.

Hello and welcome to the official page for the books in the Annals of Gentalia series!

(It is also the unofficial page for Anals of Genitalia, Annals of Genitalia, and Anals of Gentalia!) If you are under the legal age for your country turn away now, this is your warning. You shouldn’t be here! Otherwise feel free to look around!

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