Month: July 2016

Lots of #FreeBooks!

I have many Tales Giveaway dates happening soon. Starting July 18th there will be free tails around here until July 26th! … I mean free tales! (Silly CB)

This is all to celebrate the face that Navals of War will be coming out… sometime during this giant window of free tail! … Tale!!!

#AmazonGiveaway #KindleUnlimited #SoFuckedUp!

Hash’s Bash – Aftermath

It was a successful Support Indie Authors Free and Bargain Books promotion! July 1st – 4th! A special thank you to everyone that participated, downloaded books, and bought books! Everyone was amazing. #SIAFBB will now be a hashtag that will be used not only for these events, but also for free and bargain books everywhere and every time, so be sure to check it out.

Breakers of the Code made it to rank #48 in Amazon’s LGBT Fantasy Fiction category (in paid!) and I am so far over the moon that I can not help but smile randomly at people at the store as I shop for ingredients to buy tacos. I was also ahead of… Game of Thrones in another category! (The graphic novel) Wonderful!

Stay tuned, the next big event will be sometime in the fall.