Month: September 2016

Karta Monstra is Out! Look Here for Special Tips!

Karta Monstra is out today!

Hey, it can be hard to get into an already established game franchise, we know that. Now that Karta Monstra (Blue Plaid and Green Halftone) editions are out, we thought you might want a jump start on the rules to let you start right away!

The most important part of Karta Monstra is picking the right Grand Elemental Ephemerals to do the job. What better way is there to learn how to be the very best than to learn the basics?

Here are a few special tips to get you through.

The Heroes of the Four are always about you, be sure to keep them in check with the balances. Be mindful of these when picking your Element Rival: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.



Perfectly post-aligned to these is the sub-set of alternates. Light, Dark, Body, and Soul. Remember to allow for the double-back non-plus!



Not quite up to speed? That’s quite alright, without the additional additions of Brown, and Flogistan who would be? The puzzle cannot be completed with Missing pieces! (Note: Missing Elements notwithstanding.)



There we go! All up to speed now? Of course you are, you’re smart like that! Now go out there and remember to use your Fruitberries sparingly before pitching ’em all!

#ButtWeek is Butt Over

#ButtWeek was great fun while it lasted! I know it is officially over because I have sent out all of the prizes to the winners of the contest.

Thanks everyone! It was a great ride. Butt Week will be back – next year! So save your money until then… or spend it now, books are not that expensive, and they will be on sale after all. Still, save a lil’ bit for some Butt, won’t you? 😀