The World: Gentalia

Annals of Gentalia is the latest Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game from industry leader Tornado Tech Games. It does not as of yet have an official release date, but reports indicate that it will be released in a quarter, eventually. Please review these product specs supplied by Tornado Tech Games to keep yourself hyped up for the future release.

TorTech-Headset – The Gaming Innovation of the Year! (Award Pending)

Boasting innovations unlike anything ever seen by gamers anywhere, the TorTech-Headset is our crowning achievement. Developed completely in house by our amazing programmers this device is more than just a headset, it is the perfect compliment to our latest game, making it a full gaming experience!

Further your gaming experience with such features as:

  • Integrated Mic and Headset features*: Never need to type again!
  • EyeMove™ Eye Tracking System: The screen will move as you adjust your eyes. You will always be right in the action!
  • Gust Whirrbler System (patent pending): Fans will blow air in your face, making jumps and sudden wind gusts beyond realistic!
  • Temp-5 Temperature Control: Feel a chill on your spine, or a heat in the air. Immerse yourself in the experience!
  • Neverous Nerve Impulse Device: Can create small electrical pulses which can simulate touch.*

*Please note that the TorTech-Headset is still in the Beta stage. Integrated Mic features are not currently operational, meaning you will need to type, until Beta Patch V03.04.S. Neverous Nerve Impulse Device not fully operational or implimented, please report any odd sensations to a Tornado Tech Games Administrator by contacting them in game. Tornado Tech Games is not responsible for TorTech-Headsets damaged through improper use.

Official Licensed Music – All Your Favourite Bands!

What is better than killing Regulation Gribblets? Killing Regulation Gribblets while listening to your favourite bands play brand new songs released just for this game! Don’t forget to buy the official soundtracks as well, so you can listen to them while not playing Annals of Gentalia!

Bands Include (But are not limited to):

  • Ainseley’s Arrow – Winner of Most Repetitive Track, 1988
  • The Dread – Breaking out of their comfort zone of hardcore metal!
  • Fergus Finders – Featuring their Lost Album, Nobleman
  • Sometimes Red, Sometimes Not – Sometimes not heard while playing this game
  • Death Pheasant – Songs from their Debut Album
  • Caution Step – Winner of Best Underrated Band

Keep track of your unlocked music in our Music Gallery for only $0.99!

Real World Prizes – Play Games and Win Exclusive Real World Swag!

Will you be the first player to win one of three exclusive real world mystery prizes?

There are hundreds of Insta-Wiki Contests to enter! Which category will win exclusive real world prizes? The only way to find out is to try and win them all!

Win one of a kind in game items by winning Insta-Wiki Contests! Prizes Include (but are not limited to):

  • One of a kind armor and weapon styles!
  • Bonus Gold Pieces!
  • Bonus Experience Points!
  • Unique Hairstyle Options!
  • Upgraded Quest Items!
  • The Ultimate Prize! *Limited to one per playing server

Exclusive Update: Be the first party to defeat the Plague of Shadow and win a gaming experience of a lifetime!