‘Official’ Artwork – NSFW

Here are some of my ‘official’ Annals of Gentalia artworks. They are only official because I made them, and I am officially the author.


Smackin’ Dat Ass Anders

Here is a picture of Anders from The Anders’ Quest Series. He is not shy of the tentacle rape monster smackin’ dat ass!

Warning: After this art, it gets a bit more… cumsploded.

Anders and the tentacles


Who is that? Some sort of Tentacle Rape Monster?

Here is someone, from something. What is this something? It is a secret, but dang. Look how cute he ended up with his multiple tentacle cocks ready to cutely pound some hot ass!


Anders and the Pink Slime Experience

Here is the very first scene of Breakers of the Code, and one of the most iconic. Anders is experiencing giant monster cock for the first time! The Pink Slime is tender (and made of jelly) But also hung like a giraffe!




Anders and the Gay Minotaur Orgy

Here is a hot scene from Breakers of the Code where Anders has a hot gay orgy with the thick cocked minotaurs! There are two versions, one is pre-cum and the other is post-cumsplosion.




Anders and the Bridge Ogre Gangbang

The Bridge Ogres were once confused about why they were Ogres and not Trolls, but now they don’t care because elfbutt.




Anders and Xam the Orange Dragon of Light

Xam is the Orange Dragon of Light from Fighters of the Code. He is super into filling Anders’ prized gay booty up with his giant dragon dick.