What is Annals of Gentalia?

Annals of Gentalia is a fictional fantasy themed MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) made by the also fictional game company Tornado Tech Games.

Characters, also called avatars, explore this video game, and fortunately we do not need to get into the boring aspects of their regular lives. The entire franchise takes place inside the confines of the game, making the novels and the game one in the same, to a degree.


Due to ‘mysterious circumstances’, (mostly because the name of the world is Gentalia and it was pretty much asking for it) the game deviates from being just a typical video game and becomes charged with sexual energy. These novels are erotica, geeky, geeky, fantasy erotica, but they also are much more than that. There is plot, there is humour, and above all there is pixelated love hearts. Don’t worry though, the game was rated 18A already, so no children should be playing this without permission, and honestly don’t let them. There are no pulled punches (or pulled punches+) in these novels.

Several planned fantasy erotica novels take place within the fantastical Annals of Gentalia, the flagship series being The Anders’ Quest Series.


The Anders’ Quest Series is gay themed. It focuses on the exploits of a gay elf Night Ranger (class) named Anders. This series of novels has coined the phrase ‘Elfrotica’. Most of the ‘encounters’ in this series are gay. Gay and proud.


If you enjoy your steamy scenes with a hearty does of humour and plot, consider using Annals of Gentalia! If you never in a million years thought that your erotica should be funny, geeky, or quirkier than an eight headed hydra with only one pair of fangs (think about it) then you have not geeked out hard enough yet. Please, just don’t blame Tornado Tech Games, they are only indirectly responsible.