Month: September 2018

Hello Fan!

Hello Fan who sent me a message!

Your provided email didn’t work, so I couldn’t reply! Hopefully you check this out and don’t think I ignored you!

Hello there.

First of all I must say that those are all amazing nicknames and I love them!
Big butts aside, I can totally answer your other question!
My favourite is Anders because he has an amazing magical power and I love how he only swears with baked goods!
Then again, my favourite is Palcath because he is just so earnest and true to his roleplaying.
Then again, my favourite is Fournimer because scarves are absolutely amazing!
Then again, my favourite is Roodg, because, duh. Roodg!
Then again, my favourite is Lissa, because #SheIsMyFavourite
Then again my favourite is Mr. Max because he has the most cameos in the Tales series.
Then again, my favourite is Gliint because I remember having a terrible computer with lag in my first mmorpg.
Then again… I’m not good at picking favourites! 😀 I love them all, that is why they are in there!
However, I can say that Roodg has the most votes for favourite character.
How about you? Who is your favourite? 🙂
– ♥ CB Archer