Fan Artwork

Contrary to popular belief, no one ever writes books, makes movies, or becomes a musician for fame, power, or money. They all do it for one thing and one thing only:
Fan Art.

If you make an artistic expression of the Gentalia sort, don’t just leave it on your website to be amazing, send it to me and your Fan Art can be amazing here as well. If it is really good I will even put it on my fridge! Night Ranger Scout’s honour.

There IS official Fan Art yet for Annals of Gentalia!


Virginia McClain Fan Art

Virginia McClain Fan Art

This is from Virginia McClain – Author of Blade’s Edge! That is a spot on Demon Bear of Kazhuul if I ever saw one! Anders is Text Boxing ‘Why am I not wearing pants?’. Which is very accurate to the story in fact.


Trev Terra Artwork by Vanessa Mulberry

This one is by Vanessa Mulberry, author of The First Act. This is from Fighters of the Code, showing a shy Trev Terra and he is… well… uh… spoiliering! 😀


Clyde by Rohvannyn Shaw

Here is an image of Clyde and his two brothers! Clyde is the dragon head.

This lovely number is by Rohvannyn Shaw!

This one happened because I made a comment in a forum about how this was my highly anticipated fan art. CB Archer driving to work.

I super love it.♥


CB Archer driving to work by Kay MacLeod