Month: July 2018

Butt Week 2018 approaches!

Butt Week is drawing near. There will be deals, freebies, prizes, and lots of butts!

Aug 19th-25th!

If you are an author of Butt themed books and wish to join in the promotion, please let me know by filling out this form!

A whole bunch of writing going on!

There has been a flurry of writing going on over in CB Archer’s land of sex crazy monsters. (They don’t really give me a rest!)

All of it is going to be part of the C.U.M. series with Deep Desires Press. If you liked the first one, Desires of the Deep, you are in luck, all the way up until book 4 has been written in a few months of monster sqirtin’ goodness!

Centaur of Attention is coming next. Stay tuned for more info.