Footballers: Featuring Ultimate Lacrosse

Tales of Gentalia are a series of quick stand alone Novelettes that you can download for free some of the time! A free sex romp? I know, sign me up right? Be sure to check the schedule for the give away dates!

Footballers is the final secret one of these Novelettes!

Here is a lovely blurb about this tale.

A cast revisited.
A ball played with.
A Mistress lacrossed off.

Industry Giant, Tornado Tech, has done absolutely nothing this time! This time it is The Mistress who is causing the trouble. She is back to squeeze out her explicit revenge on all the previous protagonists from The Tales of Gentalia Series in this giant mash up.

But not all revenge plots are planned equal, and soon all the protagonists you remember (and some you don’t) are fighting for their lives in the most devious battle to the death in all of video game history: sports!

As the game clock ticks down to annihilation so many questions remain unanswered that they don’t even fit in this blurb! There are two questions more important than all questions ever asked before as a hook to entice you to read books, the Mistress’s personal questions: My killer boobz look super titacular on this cover, right? Aren’t you teh jealous?

Warning: Contains sexy situations, secret Ds, and more happy endings than that massage parlour everyone warned you about. You know the one, it is located above that seedy convenience store and is open 24 hours a day. It has a vaguely suggestive name and you’ve never seen people going in there even though it has open for years. Yeah, that one.

While part of a series, this is the only novelette in the series that doesn’t work as a standalone story! You really need to read the others to understand what is going on.


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