Help! I can’t read the eBook!

I am sorry! There is a lot of formatting in my novels and novelettes that just doesn’t work well as a regular .epub or .mobi file. Apparently strange glyphs, spreadsheets, boxes, and graphics are not normal eBook material.

See, just look how fancy this is!


So until eBook technology gets with the times already, here is what I can do to help!

Phone Readers:

This is the advice that has worked for the most readers. Your phone can probably read the eBook just fine if you get the Kindle Ap. It honestly is how I have to read them, my reader isn’t new enough to handle the files either!

Physical Readers:

The physical copies of the books printed just fine. If you love paper it really does make the reading experience awesome! (Just saying) It is more expensive sure, but isn’t Elfrotica something you want to keep forever?

Other Options:

If your phone cannot handle the eBook then please contact me directly and let me know. I can send over .pdfs with ease to hopeful readers. I also have bare minimum files that will work on all readers for some of the titles. They lack many features, and some of the jokes and objects are a bit broken without the special features, but providing you ignore that while you do your reviews it will be fine!

Sorry for being all different! #NotReallySorry #AwesomeLayout