A New Fan Fic!

There is a new Annals of Gentalia Fan Fic!

Read it here!

Warning: It has book 3 spoilers.


Butt Week Is Returning!

Butt Week is making a glorious return August 20th-26th and this year I am looking to increase the scope!

More books, more prizes, and best of all more authors! I already have a few authors joining me and I would like more! Please contact me (on Twitter or Goodreads or in a comment on this page) and let me know if you want in on Butt Week!

Butt Week is mostly m/m stuff, but I have a few iffy titles myself, so let me know more!

A Treasured Find – Review

Hey look! Fan Art! And it is about that part where cake gets eaten! Hooray!

I normally don’t read slow burn romances, but for this book series I will make an exception. If you like the your romances with a little bit of diversity in the people kissing, this is the one for you! Hardly any of them were people, and that is how I personally like it.
Dragon shifters, elves, plot spoilers, this had all sorts of great ideas in it!

So if you like a more tender m/m romance that takes some time to build, try this one.

A Treasured Find is by Calvin Westbrook. You can grab it on Amazon!