The First Act – A Review

I decided something, why not put Book Reviews that I do on this site? So here is the latest book I reviewed!

The First Act, by Vanessa Mulberry. Which is available on Amazon here: Book Clicky Linky!

This was a touching read that wasn’t like other books in the genre. There was a lot of tenderness to the main characters in this book, and it reminded me of the starting book of some really fantastic series I have read with m/m elements. I don’t like to brag, but I am a bit of a master of foreshadowing, it is like my mutant power, and it really felt like this was the start of a new series. It didn’t say so in the book, but personally I think there will be more of Richard and William to come! It really felt like this to me, so I will be watching for… The Second Act, which is my guess at the name of book two which features more of the new relationship, and some more spy times!

I thought the dynamics were good, even with a bit of a triangle going, it wasn’t ham fisted and what would probably happen to real people. Also, Sam was my favourite. Yes, he wasn’t in it that much, but I want more Sam please.

And speaking of to come, thank you for not fading to black! Let’s see more of that please!

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