Fan Art for Those that have none – again

Another Fan Art happened. This one is based on a character concept only! It isn’t even a book yet! This is a bad boy elf, a concept by E.A. Turley.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Here is Keahi Takegawa putting some moves on Dave Sommer in  Bethany Ebert‘s Aloha from Hell!

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Here is Abigail Dressler and her unlikeliest of allies, Haatim Arison as they fight demons in Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Here is fan art for Night Dragon by Maymunah Azad. Five Orphans are selected to fight against the terrible threat to the city! This is the last boss encounter.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Here is fan art for Calvin Westbrook for Jackpot. Arnie Walker seems to have stolen more than he can chew and has unleashed a Genie… who is also the Fonz, apparently.

Draw Somethingesk Cards



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