An Interview with Vanessa Mulberry

*Note: This image is fan art of Vanessa’s book: The First Act. This isn’t what happened in the interview*

CB: Today is an exciting day because we have an interview with author Vanessa Mulberry! Vanessa is an author who actually wants to be featured on the Annals of Gentalia site, which is amazing on multiple levels.

CB: Hello Vanessa and welcome to the interview!

Vanessa:  hELLO!

CB: Interviews are 10 questions long, as per the ancient laws of the elder ones, so let’s get right into it!


CB: This is probably the most important question there is. You may notice that I am green, what colour do you want your text to be in this interview? I shall set my Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator to shift your colour.

Vanessa: Oh my gosh, what a question! No softballs in this interview. I’m going to have to go with Mulberry I think, to honour the kind souls who named the colour after me.

CB: Looking sharp!


CB: Okay, time for a question that is actually a question. Can you please tell us a bit about your writing style and your work?

Vanessa: I write MM historical romance and so try to write in an appropriate voice.  I’ve set books in ancient Troy, Tudor England, Regency London, and I’m currently working on a book set in the English countryside in 1924. Each has their own unique challenges, particularly in terms of the words and idioms. For example, my novel The First Act is set in 1594, and most people will be familiar with texts from that time via Shakespeare, but I wasn’t about to write a romance in Early Modern English! So it has a modern voice, and the flavor of the time has to come through wordplay and vocabulary choices.

CB: I have read that book and appreciate that it was old timey enough, but not too much. Needing an old English dictionary would be troublesome, mostly because Old English is a hard font to read!


CB: Let’s dive a bit deeper into your latest release, Becoming Lord Drake’s Lover. Can you tell us more about Lord Drake, and what you liked most about his story?

Vanessa: Josiah Drake is a rakish Regency hero with a heart of gold. He’s sex positive, respectful to women, kind to his servants and very much in love with his friend Albinus St John. He’s also a kinky bugger. I like him very much!

I think my favourite thing about his story has got to be his love and respect for Albinus. That and his collection of butt plugs.

CB: I did like Lord Buttplug’s collect of Drakes as well. !!! I mean, uh… Lord Drake’s collection of buttplugs!


CB: Now for a very important question that everyone has been waiting to hear the answer to: Who would win in a fight, Supergirl or Batgirl?

Vanessa: Well Supergirl is one of the few TV shows I actually watch so I’m going to have to go with her! She has powers whilst Batgirl just has gear, so it makes sense to me, plus she’s got the DEO behind her.

CB: Personally, I think it depends on the fight. Out of the blue, yes, Supergirl is going to kick butt, but if she has time to prepare, Batgirl might come out on top! If it is a sexy fight, I think everyone wins!


CB: Perhaps another question about writing next! What is your favourite part of the writing process?

Vanessa: I really like editing. I do 7-10 drafts of each story so it’s layer upon layer of polishing. My first drafts tend to be quite spare, so each lay usually adds rather than cuts. It’s much less painful that way!

CB: Sorry, my Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator is acting up after I used so many colours in the last question.


CB: You often write in historical times, what kind of research, sexy or otherwise, do you do to make your stories more authentic to the time period?

Vanessa: My google researches are probably very tame compared to other writers. It’s mostly little details, things like clothing, architecture, and the popular names of the era. Sexywise, I have researched lubes, dildos etc. Humans have been carving phallic objects for 28,000 years so there’s plenty of material available for the imaginative author!

CB: My Google search history? Who said anything about looking at my Google search history?!

CB: We are getting some odd colours here Terrance. Maybe we should stop using the highly experimental Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator?

Terrance the Unicorn: Okay! Got it.


CB: Sorry about that Vanessa. I guess it is back to basic black for now. That is a shame because this is probably the most important question of the interview. I hear you are big fan of the Annals of Gentalia Books! Can you tell us more about them!?

Vannesa: I am a huge fan! The Annals are my favourite LGBTQIA comedy erotica series and are set in a sexy gaming environment. The books are very funny, with outlandish sex scenes and parodies of top games.

They also have some of the best fanfics, including The Classic Sixty-Nine Collection by BC Fletcher. BC Fletcher is hilarious and the book is perma-free right here!

CB: This topic is so interesting! I could talk about them for an entire interview! Speaking about myself… wait, why did the colours come back Terrance?

Terrance the Unicorn: I’m not sure, I stopped pedaling!

CB: That’s odd, the Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator shouldn’t work without a unicorn at the stationary bike.


CB: Hmm… Do you know anything about Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulators Vanessa?

Vanessa: Why yes I do! The problem here is certainly your Unicorn, which should probably be replaced. Please be responsible and recycle your Unicorn. They make excellent rainbow glitter glue, or you can sell them for meat in France.

CB: Terrance, you’re fired.

Terrance the Unicorn: Aw.

The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator sniffs the air cautiously.


CB: I am kind of worried with the way that the Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator has gained sentience, but I am sure it is fine to continue the interview. What is your favourite mythological monster?

Vanessa: It’s a cliché I know, but I’m not immune to the charms of Vampires and Werewolves. I like the angst that comes with vampires—they’re always grumpy about living forever and having to eat people! And yet they are sexy as hell.

CB: I am partial to elves myself. Also, centaurs, you might have noticed that!

Vanessa: I’m still hoping for an elf/centaur/cervitaur threesome!

CB: That would be pretty great! *misty eyes*

The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator snarls.

CB: I think we made it mad by not picking it as one of our favourite mythological creatures!

The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator changes colours of its targets.

Wendell the Replacement Pegasus: I’m running away now! Good luck!

Vanessa: Get thee to a knackers yard, Wendell!


CB: This will not end well, but I think we have time for one more question before following my assistant Terrance, so I will ask the standard final question in interviews. Do you have any questions for me?

Vanessa: Can you tell us about the upcoming entries in the Tales of Gentalia series?

CB:Of course! I am working on #8 right now, which is a Pinball/Fighting game combo. Anyone that has read Patchers of the Code would have spotted the name of this Tale as it features in the plot. If you pay extra attention the other remaining Tales’ names were also hinted at in that scene. There is going to be a total of 12 Tales and a secret one after that that I don’t ever tell anyone about!

CB: We should probably run screaming now! The Quantum-Unicorn-Powered-Rainbow-Jackulator has a taste for blood now that it ate Wendell.

Vanessa: Yes, lets!

Actual thanks to Vanessa for the interview!

*Disclaimer* No animals were hurt during this interview. Pegasus are classified as magical beasts you see!

You can find Vanessa’s Books here:

Or read my interview on her blog here!

Red Envelope – Review

Here is a review of a Novella… Novelette? (not sure on the word count. It’s 45 pages long though.)

The story was called Red Envelope by Atom Yang.

Yes, I am implying that the Title ‘Red Envelope’ is referring to Clint’s red pants as seen in this picture.

This story is a little sweet. Clint and Weaver made for an interesting pair, and I am always glad to have diversity shown with couples! It was fun, cute, sweet, and short, much like my review!


Support Indie Authors – Freeday the Thirteenth!

On January 13th, 2017 there will be a Support Indie Authors mini event Freeday the Thirteenth! There will be books for free from members of the Indie Author Community, as well as some other deals.

Here is the website link:

Be sure and check the price of the book! Some are free, and some are good deals on that page! 😀

(Fan art is from The Crimson Mistress by Ann Livi Andrews, which will be free!)

Vambrace will be free in support on Amazon!

An Interview with Shannon Reber

Here is fan art of Emery and Prince Liam. Emery is showing him that magic is real, and that she rocks at it. (Speculated scene)

CB: Today I have an author interview with Shannon Reber! I am always surprised when authors agree to get interviewed on this website, but appreciative. It makes me feel more official!

CB: Hello Shannon and thank you for subjecting yourself to an interview with me!

Shannon: Hey back! Thanks for subjecting me to this!

CB: Not a problem at all! Author interviews tend to consist of 10 questions, so I will not disappoint in that regards and jump right into a question.


CB: What colour of text do you want to represent yourself on my blog? I will make you whatever colour you wish. I personally use green, but if you wanted green to represent you I can switch colours. I am good like that.

Shannon: Ooooh, since I get to choose, blue is my FAVORITE! (And BTW, you’re right, this is a little funky) 🙂

CB: Sorry about the colour shifting algorithm. Hopefully you don’t mind the colour shifting transition text and the flavour of pineapple!


CB: Perfect! Now I will jump into a question that is actually important! You are soon to release a new book series called The Druid Heirs. Book one is called Friends & Foes. I listened to the first chapter on Youtube and it is an interesting start. Can you tell us a little about what this new series will be about?

Shannon: What it’s about, is Emery trying to fulfill the mission her mom gives her, while strange things keep happening around her. It’s fantasy, so guess what! Magic is awakening inside her! *Mouth hangs open.* She’s been looked down on all her life, but after she meets Liam everything starts to change. It’s a classic story of good versus evil, but in this one, good and evil are harder to tell apart.

CB: I had magic awaken inside me once so I can sympathize with Emery (couldn’t walk right for a week)!


CB: Your main character is named Emery, can you tell us a little about her and what makes her particularly protagonisty?

Shannon Emery is fabulous! She’s about five feet tall and what my mom would call “A little firecracker.” She’s got a big mouth, usually snarky, but also funny and SO lovable! She’s seventeen years old and is going to be put through a LOT, where having a good sense of humor will help out a lot, in my opinion. I think that makes her fabulously protagonisty. I actually feel guilty about all the things she’s going to be put through before the end . . . a little. 🙂

CB: We can feel guilty about what our characters go through, but to be fair that is what makes them interesting!


CB: Would you say that you are a lot like Emery, or are you more like one of your other characters?

Shannon: LOL, I was a lot like her when I was seventeen. I spoke first and thought about the consequences later . . . and oh, there were most definitely consequences! I get Emery, simply because she was an outsider, someone her people saw as pathetic. But wish her, there’s something awesome under the surface! She is far more what I wish I had been than what I truly was though.

CB: I will be calling you Shannon ‘Firecracker’ Reber from now on!


CB: Given that we write in slightly different genres, I think it would be a good idea to question you about that target audience for this series. Who would enjoy your books?

Shannon: ROTFL, excellent point. The thing about YA is that everybody reads it. It does tend to be females, but the age range goes from twelve to middle-aged and beyond. My target audience is anyone who wants an escape from reality!

CB: I think that my target audience might be your target audience after they are allowed to go out drinking!


CB: You mention on your Amazon author profile that reading your books can prevent the evil overlord from taking control over your mind. That is a pretty specific bargain that you have with this evil entity (far more specific than other dark pacts that I hear about on the news). Can you tell us more about how you managed to score such a good bargain with this evil entity, and what we can do to when forging our own pacts with unnatural entities of evil?

Shannon: *Evil laugh.* The thing is, the evil overlord is the crazy girl in my head who screams out stories at the worst possible moments. My pact with her is that she lets me speak the truth, if I tell her lies in my books. See how that works. It’s a symbiotic relationship. She says hi, by the way. J

CB: The evil overlord dictating your every action is a girl and is crazy? I think we might have to compare notes about evil overlords. In a lead-lined vault, 67 feet underground, with flickering blue Christmas Lights on the walls, and a typewriter in the middle with the ‘f’ key missing. You know, as per the norm.


CB: Now the question every fan of an author wants to know: We all know that werewolves are part wolf and part human and that other werecreatures exist that follow similar rules (weretigers, and werebudgies for example). If you were going to be bitten by an animal and gain the power to turn into a werecreature, what kind of animal would it be?

Shannon: Ok, so little-known fact about me, I’m legally blind. If I was bitten by an animal, I’d want something with AWESOME vision!! I think I choose an eagle. So uhhh . . . do you know any wereeagles who are looking for someone new to hang out with???

CB: I once knew a para-trooper division of gnome wereeagles, but I am afraid that I haven’t seen them since their show in Lisbon. I think I have an email address somewhere.


CB: Perhaps a serious question next. What is your favourite part of writing books?

Shannon: The escape! The worlds I create are nothing like my own. I get so wrapped up in what I put my characters through, I forget that the real world exists. It’s awesome. Oh and there might be kind of a power trip about being the master-creator of an entire world . . . maybe. 🙂

CB: Bwahahahahaha! Being the lord and master of a world is exhilarating! Watching all the characters bow down before your wonderfully described throne is a feeling… uh… I mean… yeah, that sounds fun!


CB: An even more serious question next. If you were a superhero (or super villain) what would your name be and what powers would you have? Also, what about your costume, would it be cool?

Shannon: My name would have to be The White Eagle, because I’ve already been bitten by a wereeagle. My costume would NOT be leather though. It would have to be some material that moved with me while I flew and fought crime with my trusty sidekick, who’d follow me around and tell me the crimes we needed to stop. Hey! Want to be my sidekick???

CB: That does sound exciting! I can shoot a bow and bake muffins. That doesn’t overshadow your powers! 


CB: What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

Shannon: Dude, coffee. I rarely eat food in the morning, but I NEVER miss my coffee! The world would implode if I did!

CB: Please, for the sake of all of humanity do not miss your coffee! I don’t like imploding. Set multiple reminders please!

#Bonus Question

CB: Do you have any questions for me?

Shannon: What werecreature would you be??? I have to know, since we’re fighting crime together and everything.

CB: Well, for the dynamic of the comic book and eventual movie franchise we normally would want to combine eagles with their natural symbiotic animal friend – the Clydesdale draft horse. They work so well together hunting their joint prey.

CB: Thinking on it though, that doesn’t lead itself naturally to internal conflict and strife, which is all the rage these days. The team dynamic would be more interesting if we paired a wereeagle with their natural foe in the Werecreature vs Undead bloodfued. As you already know, Eagles and Skeletons hate each other, but perhaps over time we will unite our races to face the real evil out there – Wereeagle Skeletons!

CB: Thanks for allowing me to interview you Shannon!

Shannon: Final Statement, if you wish.

Ummm . . . would live long and prosper be too nerdy?? 🙂

CB: No, I believe that is just nerdy enough. 😀

You can find Shannon’s Amazon Page and books here:

For a sample of the first chapter of Friends and Foes:

Here is the book blurb for Friends & Foes:

The people of Avalon think that Emery is a disgrace. They all have access to many forms of magic, but Emery has only one. Or that’s what they always believed.

After a brutal war, the new Queen of Avalon sends Emery to the human realm to find the last druid. Emery takes that mission eagerly, certain it’s a sign that, unlike everyone else, her mother may have some faith in her.

Her mission, to find Liam, the illegitimate son of the former king and bring him back to Avalon is no easy feat. Mercenaries are also searching for him, but the biggest problem for Emery, is the linked formed between them when Liam’s power touched her.

Now, she has to figure out what the truth is, who is right, who is wrong, who are friends…who are foes. Can she figure it out before something terrible happens?

Link to Friends & Foes

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Fan Art of CB Archer

Be careful what you write in forum topics on Support Indie Authors on Goodreads. 😀

Fan Art sometimes happens based on your comments wishing it to be. Like this beauty that happened after I made a comment wanting it. I honestly love it and am putting in my fan art gallery now though! It made me laugh, and that wins awards in my book!

This is fan art for CB Archer driving to work, by Kay MacLeod.