The Cover Chronicles

The e-Book Cover Design Awards over at have been something I had followed for some time. They provided much insight when I was designing my cover, and are just a great resource for anyone thinking of making their own covers.

This month, someone may have ended up in the submissions. I was happy to get a positive comment even. Check them out!

Breakers of the Code – Final Cover (for now at least)

Thanks again to the folks at as well as everyone I know who helped make this cover a prime candidate to win ” The Most Poppin’ Elfbutt on a Book Cover Award”!

This is the Final Version, at least for now!

Cover Critics – Stage 2

My cover just appeared on for round two of the changes and comments Exciting I know! Here it is for reference. Certainly more threatening, but is it too much? Comments always appreciated! I promised that as soon as this showed up on Cover Critics I would upload chapter 3 for people to enjoy! Stay tuned!

Also, here is a bonus slap of Back Cover!

The Back Cover!

The Back Cover!

Thanks to

I shared my cover over at Cover Critics, which is a site I often go to to help others with cover designs.

I was a bit nervous, but everyone was so friendly and helpful (even those who really didn’t want to read about Elfbutt)!

Now my cover is getting an overhaul to set it to 11! I will keep everyone up to date! Check back soon for a revised Elfbooty!

Go and check Cover Critics out, they are a great resource for authors or designers making book covers!

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The Cover Chronicles – Breakers of the Code – Background

Book 1: Part 1: The Background.

I am taking a stab at my own cover design. The background  is basically finished, so I thought I would share my progress on here, because that is what a website is for.

I haven’t used Photoshop for artwork purposes (at least for my own artwork and not client artwork) since about 2002. It was fun to get back into it and learn so many new things. This background turned out very professional, which was my motivation to keep going!

Stay tuned, I am nearly finished the ‘Boss’ portion of this cover. His sporran is looking particularly rugged!

Breakers of the Code - Cover - Background

Breakers of the Code – Cover – Background

You can see the Entrance to the Lova Mines, the Tower of Mechanis, and the Castle in the Sky in the background. There is a bit of unfinished area in the middle mountains, but it is covered by ‘The Boss’.

Despite what you may have heard, Chad does not have plans of appearing on this cover. While he is well known for his appearance on the official game box for Annals of Gentalia, he could not make it to the photo shoot for the novel cover. When asked about this he stated how grateful he was to have all of his fans, and that he loves each and every one of mew.