Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends – Navals of War

Navals of War - Cover

#ButtWeek continues with Sept 1st freebie offer – Navals of War. Here are a few fun facts about this Tale.

  • This Tale was going to be the second Tale of the series, and was planned out, but it got pushed aside by different Tale ideas.
  • Navals of War is a first person shooter, and the main character in The Anders’ Quest Series (Anders, in case you couldn’t figure that out) was already mentioned to play them. In fact, it was mentioned in the very first chapter. It was also mentioned that he had video game playing friends that would not buy the MMORpg Annals of Gentalia. The story for this Tale was already set up before the Tales were even thought up.
  • Anders is shy about meeting new people in his book, he avoids them for some reason.It was on purpose (I’ll say now). There needed to be a reason. This Tale is that reason.
  • The characters in this Tale… are terrible people. The absolute worst. I needed to tone them down an impressive three times. They were just that terrible. I wanted them to be terribad, not terrible.
  • ~xX.Deadeye.Xx~ is a hard name to type!

Grab your copy at Amazon!

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