Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends – Assailant’s Greed

Assailants Greed - Cover

#ButtWeek continues with Assailant’s Greed which is free Aug 31st! Here are a few fun facts about this story!

  • Way before the Tales Series existed, like way way back before then, I noticed there was a call for short erotica stories at a publisher. I read that it was for Sword & Sorcery and got all exited and started right in on a story. This point is so interesting, it gets its own bullet list.
    • I thought that if I submitted a story to this publisher and it got accepted then I could submit my manuscript and have a better chance.
    • This was so far back that I wasn’t set on Self-Publishing yet, and still getting rejected again and again for being ‘Way too strange’.
    • I didn’t read the submission correctly. It wasn’t for sword and sorcery, it was sword & savagery. Magic wasn’t a thing allowed. The short story I had written had a major plot point involving magic, there was no way around it.
    • I turned magic into ‘Historically accurate clockwork falcons’ and went with it. It was silly, but I loved it.
    • This publisher got submitted to before the short story happened, I got excited. I followed up with the publisher and got chewed right the fuck out by the submission clerk. Like, right out. I hit a nerve somehow, still don’t know how, and they went bonkers. Super tear a strip off of someone for asking a simple question? That was this publisher. Eventually, the publisher (not the clerk) apologized profusely for the clerk, however – she still rejected me (big surprise there).
    • This experience soured me to that publisher, and to traditional publishing in general. It was a final nail. I decided to self publish that very night and never looked back.
    • Oh, were was I going with this? Right, this Tale. Well, that short story I was writing for them, it got forgotten about. Poor thing.
  • Then! The Tales happened. It dawned on me that I had a 6000 word story tucked away on my computer that was a lot like a Tale, it just needed text boxes and… a few special somethings to make it unique.
  • The special things were shifter sex and lady dick! Hooray! The forgotten story came back and saw the light of day!
  • Final fun fact: I still can’t spell Assaliant.

Grab your copy on Amazon! Aug 31st!



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