Getting to know your Butt Week friends – Vambrace

Vambrace - Cover

Butt Week is almost here (Aug 28th – Sept 3rd) and we are continuing our fun facts about your Butt Week friends today with Vambrace: Keaton Clarke’s Tale.

As a special bonus this time there are actually going to be some fun facts!

Vambrace is the first Tale in the Tales of Gentalia series for a reason – that it was written first! That isn’t the only reason though, there are more (shocking)!

Back before the Tales were started an author friend of mine (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, but you know who you are Christina) suggested that a few small stories about the characters in my main novel would help to draw people to the Anders’ Quest Series. It was a good idea, great even. I agreed, but twisted the idea instantly. Because I do that.

I decided that a fun idea would be to completely ignore the main cast and instead have them show up only as a cameo character. The reader would get little taste of them that gave their backstory by showing the games they played before Annals of Gentalia came out, and an entire new little story! It would also let me branch out into different games and ideas. The course was set.

The most obvious choice for a story was Vambrace. Why? Because, Vambrace already was fully written into a scene in Book 3 with Fournimer and the Arcade Unicorn! It was already mentioned that Fourni was one of the best Vambrace players around, and a master of speedruns for it. It was also already written that Palcath was terrible at it, and have played it in an effort to make Fourni try out the MMORPG Annals of Gentalia. That is half a story already!

All I needed to do was change was to add a name for the mythical player that Fournimer already thought was a jerk. This is why Keaton is an asshat. Seriously, blame previous writing that wasn’t intended to be anything more than a single throw-away joke.

Vambrace contains two cameo appearances, which thus far is a record. Both Fournimer and Palcath appear in Vambrace – and shows that they knew each other before playing Annals of Gentalia (which is sort of interesting, don’t you think).

Vambrace will be free Aug 28th. Grab your copy on Amazon!


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