Getting to Know Your Butt Week Friends: Tango Gourmet

Tango Gourmet - Cover

Butt Week continues on strong, and so you can learn more about your Butt Week friends with our continued fun facts about the books on special.

Tango Gourmet will be free Aug 30th! Here are a few interesting things you might want to know about it!

  • Tango Gourmet has been called the strangest Tale by many, including myself!
  • The chocolate flavoured… uh… you know… was inspired by GoodReads. There was a ‘tired of cliques’ thread, and one complaint I noticed was ‘earthly chocolaty flavours’. I stepped it up with legitimate chocolate.
  • The type of game Tango Gourmet was set in was heavily influenced by the cameo character in this book: Mr. Max. Max is an expert at rhythm as well as an expert at cooking (in book 3 it is a plot point). I wanted to mix his passions and find a game that he would become obsessed with.
  • Of all the rhythm game ideas I could think up, cook-dancing was the most hilarious! This is why Tango Gourmet is about dancing.
  • This novelette features fictional bands that also appear in The Anders’ Quest series. This includes Caution Step, which will also make an appearance in a later not yet written tale.

Enjoy Tango Gourmet, get your copy here! On Amazon

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