Butt Week – 2016

Butt Week is fast approaching, and you are at just the place to learn all about it!

August 28th – September 3rd, 2016 will be the first Butt Week.

Check back here for all your Butt Week info!



  • Karta Monstr: Hunter’s Tale – Will it be free Sept 2nd + 3rd for the first time ever? Will it even be out by then? Stay tuned!


There is going to be prizes! Legitimate physical prizes! How do you win? On Social Media of course.

There will be three Fabled Mystery Prizes drawn for on September 3rd! How can you win? It is simple.

  1. Butt Week Chum – Retweet the most #ButtWeek posts to win this one.
  2. Butt Week Fisherperson – Tweet using the hashtag about what you got during #ButtWeek, on the right day! (even if you already own a copy). Ex. On Aug 28th send out a tweet about how you picked up Vambrace. Who wins this one is random! One entry per book special! (Up to 8!)
  3. Butt Week Roulette – Someone who did something with the #Hashtag will win.


I am trying to get more authors involved with Butt Week. (Let me know if you want in on these butts!)