Breaker of the Code is getting published!

It is official. Annals of Gentalia is going to get published! #sofuckedup

The interior of the book is getting designed now, then there will be hard proofing and final checking. After that it will be up for grabs. In both physical book and ebook no less!

I believe that I will be going with the 90 day Amazon Kindle exclusive offer deal. This will allow the instant addition of promo days, so that the ebook can be put on discount for certain days. That way all the original trendsetters can get themselves a free copy by watching the days that I post about!

A release date of June – July this year is the long estimate, but it may go sooner if the proofing goes fast. There will be an official announcement soon! I will keep you posted.


  1. OK, I can handle waiting till June (Since it is May 30th), but after reading the first 3 chapters, July might kill me. I suggest making it perfect, then releasing in June.

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