This time for Flash Fiction we had about 15 minutes, but were kicked out early because of bad customer service so we didn’t get to read them. I did not know that I would get an awesome Cross-Over from a friend for their offering. It does explain why they wanted to use the word Slime though as the title.


It fell from the sky- black, thick, and coarse. It covered the cobblestones, the buildings, the trees, and even the water with its choking filth as it clumped together into vicious charcoal coloured globs. The girl blamed the mountain, it had began to smoke, the ashes must be falling from it. Every few years it smoked, but this time it had been particularly thick.

The other villagers were scared at first as the slow falling debris gathered. Nothing they tried could move the thick slurry. The girl tried harder than most. The black sick snuffed out fire, water caused it to plump up and grow larger, it couldn’t be shoveled away, chopped apart, or even furiously kicked apart. It was here, and it was here to stay. The girl watched it every hour, she did not trust it.

Giving up hope for their crops, houses, land, and buried memories the girl’s family packed up what they could, keeping the falling sludge off as best as they could from the meager possessions. Something stirred in the masses of clumped refuse as the girl started to trudge away, finally defeated. The blobs had reacted to her leaving, and with an unnatural quickness it consumed all of the village and all those trying to escape in a flurry of thick sludge.

The mountain roared fire, it spewed liquid flame from the top as it burst open from the very gates of hell. The fire roared through the village, but was snuffed out quickly as it hit the black sludge. It deflected the heat, absorbed the liquid rock, and grew stronger.

The girl watched in amazement as the liquid fire snuffed by her mysterious savior. The slime gathered itself, tipped its hat, and gave the girl a nod as it said, “Howdy Ma’am.

To read the awesome cross over follow this link!

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