Frying Pan

This week at Writer’s Group something magical happened with our three slams. They became a Grand Slam and turned into one complete story! All it took was a name change. (Take that Dennys)

For the first part of the story visit here:

Frying Pan

The sound of sizzling erupted as the fatty meat was dropped into the hot frying pan just seconds after a dollop of rich creamery butter. White portions melted away slowly as the satisfying sizzling continued. Two eggs were cracked open and added. Spectators with a weaker stomach might have retched away from the sight of the egg whites dancing in the thick layer of grease, but that was how she liked them done. Dripping with fat, thick with grease, and place on top of precisely layered tomato slices on her black and burnt toast.

Breakfast was her guilty pleasure, it always had been. She would eat like no one was watching. She would cook like the owner of a frat house and damn well like it. Today’s breakfast was special.

Today after breakfast she will have used up the last of that hitchhiker with the stained automotive service shirt, and burn marks on the side of his face, with the embroidered name on it that said Steve. Today, with Steve gone, she could go for a drive, maybe to the country this time to find someone less fatty. Leaner meat was healthier after all. It was not as good for cooking eggs at breakfast though. Guilty pleasures!

Roodg: Bacon!!!

Roodg: Bacon!!!


For part three of the story… I will need to hunt for another blog!


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