Publishing News!

Cover that thing up!

The cover for Fighters of the Code – Book Two of the Anders’ Quest Book Series has officially been started! Stay tuned for in the next few days it may just get revealed somewhere… possibly even here!


The Back Cover is done! (At least I think so, there might be a little bit of tweaking later)

The front cover still needs some work, but I think the back cover will give you at least an idea of what is on the front! 😉 That’s right! Elfbutt!

Breakers of the code - Back Cover2

Here is an updated version of the back cover, De-Fjohtered!

Fighters of the code - Back Cover2


Fighters of the Code

Now that the code has been broken, it must be dealt with.
The exciting continuation of the Anders’ Quest Series, Fighters of the Code has been cleared for editing and is being worked on right now.
Stay tuned for exciting news in the next while as well as the dramatic cover reveal!


The Final Countdown

First of all, a great big thank you to everyone that has been waiting Breakers of the Code. The response has been so wonderful, and it makes me feel squishier inside than a Pink Slime!

I have finished all of the book edits and am preparing the final product for publishing tonight. CreateSpace will need to approve it, which can take a few days. I expect to see the print copy up for sale in a few days.

Tonight I will delve into the wonder that is ebooks. Hopefully the pdf to epub converter will work without a problem, if not I have a textbook epub maker I can use. Expect to see a digital version in a few days as well! (I sure hope!)

What a great day! Thanks to everyone!


Book Formatting Fun!

I have never formatted an entire novel before, but I am a graphic designer so I figured it out a lot faster than I will epubs (which is the next challenge). Now that the choices are made, the fonts picked, and the appropriate plugin purchased for Text Boxes it is just a matter of checking over the book to make sure that nothing is amiss.

Thus far there was only one real problem with the location of the random table that is in this book, because I love random tables that don’t belong in regulation fiction. Fortunately, only a single line was needed to be added to even things out and coincidentally Calea’s very first speaking line was just moments before the stubborn table. If you don’t know Calea let me tell you – No one can add yonks of needless long winded dialog to fill space like her! The real problem was getting only ONE line from her! She submitted four entire pages of dialog options, in spreadsheet format, the smallest quote was 467 characters long! Dear Maker! I told her I only needed six words.

Now that everything is just novel formatting, the book layout is going along quickly. I made it to Chapter 14 last night while only being completely distracted by Steven Universe! That is about 1/3 of the book formatted. Then it is right to proof, 10 days of shipping, proof reviewing, changes if needed, figure out epubs, and publish!

Only 6 steps left until this goes live. How terrifyingly exciting!

Breaker of the Code is getting published!

It is official. Annals of Gentalia is going to get published! #sofuckedup

The interior of the book is getting designed now, then there will be hard proofing and final checking. After that it will be up for grabs. In both physical book and ebook no less!

I believe that I will be going with the 90 day Amazon Kindle exclusive offer deal. This will allow the instant addition of promo days, so that the ebook can be put on discount for certain days. That way all the original trendsetters can get themselves a free copy by watching the days that I post about!

A release date of June – July this year is the long estimate, but it may go sooner if the proofing goes fast. There will be an official announcement soon! I will keep you posted.