Butt Week 2017

Butt Week 2017 is here! Aug 20th – 26!
This is the page you need to keep track of for all of the deals and/or steals!

There are books deals that go on longer than the nicest set of gams out there, and after that info on prizes you can win, and after that sexy NSFW art!

Be sure and check before you buy! We are trying out best to make sure all the deals are true to what they say on this page, but they might not be for your region or we might have messed up! Please double check! 🙂


Vanessa Mulberry: Author of Historical Butts

Becoming Lord Drake’s Lover: Free Aug 20-24

Eros and Podes: Free Aug 25-26

Hector and Anatolius: On Discount Aug 25+26 

Strictly Incubusiness: Written Especially for Buttweek! On Discount Aug 20-24

Strictly Incu


Lyra Shanti: Author of Striped Butt

Lion and the Tiger

The Lion and the Tiger: A Shiva XIV Story: Free Aug 20+26


Nat Kennedy: Author of Tainted Butt

Edge of Desperation: Wielder World 1: Free Aug 20+21, Discounted Aug 22-26

Center of Deception: Wielder World 2: Discounted Aug 20-24, Free Aug 25+26



Christina McMullen: Special Butt Support

Christina didn’t have a butt themed story yet, but she helped me a lot with this promo and earned a special spot on the list! Plus this book has a non-binary MC!

Selias Promise

SELIA’s Promise: Free Aug 23


Deep Desires Press: Publishers of Butts, and Also Boobs!

Deep Desires Press is deep inside Butt Week! They have offered up many titles from their impressive library from different authors on discount for the entire week!

Siryn Sueng 

Louder than Words

Incubus Touch



Bob Masters

Law of Love

Law of Love


Cameron D. James

Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series

Go-Go Boys of Club 21: The Complete Series


Justin MacCormack

The Castle of Count Shagula



CB Archer: Author of Elfrotica!

The Anders’ Quest Series Deals and Giveaways

The Anders’ Quest Series is a full fledged fantasy series, and best of all – it is full of butts!

Book 1: Breakers of the Code: Free on a mess of days! Aug 20+21, 23, 25+26

Book 2: Fighters of the Code: On US + UK Amazon Countdown Deal Aug 20-26th! 75% off!

Book 3: Patchers of the Code: On US + UK Amazon Countdown Deal Aug 20-26th!  75% off!


CB Archer: Author of Blushing Butts

Tales of Gentalia Giveaways

The Tales series are little tastes of Gentalia. These quick reads are all free at some point during Butt Week! Grab them all and read them in order if you want!


Vambrace: Free Aug 20+21+22

Fallin: Free Aug 20+21+22

Tango Gourmet: Free Aug 21+22+23

Assailant’s Greed: Free Aug 21+22+23

Navals of War: Free Aug 22+23+24

Karta Monstra: Free Aug 22+23+24

All Men’s Space: Free Aug 23+24+25

Elite Fighter II: Free Aug 23+24+25

Slime Pop! Saga: Free Aug 24+25+26



Use the #ButtWeek and tell us what book you got! Or retweet one of our promos and you could win!

What could you win? It is a mystery right now! Once the reveal of the day is a prize they will be listed here!

There are two prizes, can you win?



I am releasing some official Gentalia Artwork this week!

Be sure and check it out by clicking here. (It is NSFW, so be mindful!)

Released so far: Anders and the Pink Slime

Anders and gay Pink Slime Mini